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Ship   Anchor   Wheel   Scroll   Clock   Calendar   Stork

Gravestone   Books   Lamp   Book   Spectacles   Clipboard   Key

Wedding   Policeman   Covered Wagon   Old Car   Building   War Graves   Broadarrow

Links   Cross   Pedigree Chart   Tree   Quill   Wedding Rings   Church

The following dingbat fonts were used in the creation of some of these icons:

Cairo from Clark T. Riley
Genealogy from Moody Bleu
Milestones from Monotype
Mini Pics Lil Vehicles from Image Club
Mini Pics Lil Stuff from Image Club
Old Fashioned Illustrations from House of Lime
Ships from Sassy Graphics
Webdings from Microsoft
Whimsies Series from Joan M. Mas

All Graphics ©2001 J. O'Donovan

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