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    You are now going to learn about Famous Colombian Mathematicians. First of all we would like to start by pointing out what are the characteristics of a mathematician. A mathematician is a person whose main area of study and research is mathematics. In addition, a mathematician is a person who contributes new knowledge to the field of mathematics, for example theorems. Not just because a person is “good” at math will he be considered a mathematician. People who apply mathematics, like engineers, economists, and others working in similar fields, are generally not considered mathematicians.


    I am not sure how many countries have the privilege to say that they have a Great Mathematician, but one thing is for sure Colombia can!!!

 You will now be introduced to three great Colombian mathematicians from different eras.

1865 – 1920

    Julio Garavito Armero was a Colombian mathematician who started to be distinguished at a very young age as a genius. By the age of 11 he calculated his first almanac and later studied the events of the comet Halley. Mr. Armero studied in Colombia, obtaining the title of Civil Engineer and Professor in Mathematics from the Department of Mathematics and Engineering, becoming a professor at the university where he graduated from.

    Among his accomplishments we can state that, in 1897 he assumed the role of Director of the Annals of Engineering Magazine; in the year 1902, he proposed with a group of scientists and relatives to analyze of the denominated Circle of the Nine Points with the objective of getting original solutions to the well-known theorem of Euler.

    Julio Garavito Armero was a Geometrician, Engineer, Astronomer and Philosopher.

   Julio Garavito is no longer with us since 1920. He left a series of writings and publications of all his personal theories. After his death the Colombian government made a decree to honor his memory. 


1891. Julio Garavito Armero received on July 4 the el títle of Civil Engineer and Professor of Mathematics.

1990. Cartoon made by ZAGAR S.

Jose Escobar


1954 - 2004

Jose Escobar, better known as "CHEPE", was a colombian mathematician that was known for his contributions in the fields of differential geometry and partial differential equations.

He participated in academic programs in Colombia, Brazil and the United States. He completed his mathematical undergraduate program at Universidad del Valle, Colombia. He received a scholarship that permitted him to do a master in science studies in the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IMPA) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  He also had the opportunity to get a Ph. D in California at Berkeley, where his doctoral  thesis received very good comments from other mathematics specialist.

Chepes doctoral thesis was were a series of important works began,  in which he developed the theory of the existence of solutions of certain semilineal elliptic equations with nonlinear boundary conditions. 

Jose Escobar wrote more than 30 papers and books related in the area of mathematics. He also taught at several universities.

On January 30th to February 3rd 2006 the Department of Mathematics at the University del Valle (Cali - Colombia), hosted an international conference to honor Professor JOSE FERNANDO ESCOBAR – CHEPE. The topics were focused on Nonlinear Analysis, Differential Geometry and Partial Differential Equations.

  Fernando Zalamea Traba

                                            February 28, 1959. Bogotá Colombia 

Fernando Zalamea Traba is a colombian mathematician who has received many recognitions for his work and great contributions to the area of mathematics. He also received one of the most important awards in Spain, the International Jovellanos Essay Award in 2004, for his book Ariadna and Penélope.

He is a doctor in Logic from the University of Massachussets and has written many books and articals in mathematics, monographs, complilations, amoung many other things. Dr. Zalamea is at the moment a professor of the Department of Mathematics at the National University of Colombia since 1991.

Fernando Zalamea's

Award Winning Book!

Ariadna and Penélope.

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