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by Linda (Snow Angel)

I just found the "mother" of all sources for those of you who collect anything Maltese. "Puttin' on the Dog" mail order 5140 Shadow Path Lane, Lilburn GA, 30247, 1-800-720-8005 has more Maltesey stuff than any other source I've ever seen. Notecards, prints, figurines from England (to die for at about $180),caricatures, Cecile collectibles, clocks, back scratchers, bronze-cast figures, porcelain boxes, SKS originals, Cecile Xmas ornaments, pins, earrings, Robert May's dog studies on mugs, jars, etc., nightlights, etc. I was so overwhelmed, I may have missed some other Maltese collectibles in the catalog. Prices range from about $10 to $800+ for those who are flush and can afford the upper end items. What a selection, all in one place, with prices comparable to the dog show vendors and the other mail order sources!!! It is a BEAUTIFUL catalog.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just called the 800 number and put my name on the list for a catalog. Told them to expect lots of calls from us. (A very nice young woman handled the call and asked how I'd heard, so I told them about the post. She was thrilled!). I can hardly wait for my catalog. For other who may be similarly moved to call the 800 number, the woman said a catlog would be on it's way in the next 6 wk.
-cathy brown

Boy oh Boy, that lady's going to get a LOT of requests. I can't wait. The last all breed show I attended had VERY few Maltese items. I can't wait!!!

Thanks! I'll give her a call!

I too just talked to a very nice lady at "Putting on the Dog". She said she has received a lot of calls this morning. Linda, she asked that a post a "Thank you" to you from her for mentioning them in your post. Thanks from me too. I can hardly stand to wait the 6 weeks for the catalog.

Thanks for letting us know about this catalog. When I called and ordered mine, the very nice lady told me they have a page on the web. The address is I haven't looked it up yet, but plan to do so asap.

I have just returned from the puttinonthedog web site. Oh boy! They had several adorable maltese figuines (2 of them I especially loved, a little maltese scratching and by the same artist (whose name I can't recall) a little maltese sprinting--but $199 a piece; still....). The catalog is quite large, takes a while to load, but lots of pictures of the stuff available. Have fun everyone!
-cathy brown

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