WE’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER (Unsold pilot)
Jack Barry
Tape date: 1975
Host: Jack Barry
Announcer: Johnny Jacobs

The electronic dice are being spun Contestants Two players compete. A question is read and the player who buzzes in first answers. If they are right, they earn control, but if they’re wrong their opponent has control. The person with control can stop the electronic dice from rolling or pass to their opponent. Whoever rolls must place the number they rolled in a line from lowest to highest. After each placed number they can freeze and force their opponent to place one more number than them. The first player to make a line of four wins, and if a player can’t make a line at any time their opponent wins the round. The first to win two rounds wins the match plus a prize.

The set revolves to the bonus room Good roll! In the bonus round, the player rolls real dice. They start with $200. Every time they roll a different number they double their stakes. Sevens are wild and can be made into any number. They can stop after each number and can win up to $25,600.

The music that plays following a bonus win is the “Joker’s Jackpot” win music from CBS’ “Joker’s Wild.”

Similar in play and structure to a few game shows. The questions and two-out-of-three match structure are similar to those of “High Rollers.” Some of the show’s mannerisms are the same as “The Joker’s Wild.” I have some minor problems with the show. The display for numbers is a cheap cardboard display operated by the players. The electronic dice aren’t operated by the buzzer, so the timing of the press and stop are way off.

Cast – 1.5
Game – 1.5
Bells and Whistles – 1.0
Prize – 2.0
Tilt – 0.5

[ 06.5 ]

The set is bad, but the point it did earn is because of the change to the bonus round. The set revolving and the dice table rising from the floor are all very cool. “We’ve Got Your Number” isn’t bad, but I for one couldn’t watch it five-days-a-week.

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