Name that Video


Broadcast history: VH1 March 12, 2001 - present
Host(s): Karen Bryant

Three contestants competed in the first part of the show. Three categories were posed with an artist attached. These included "Liner Notes" which was basically a trivia question about the artist. "Spoken Word" in which announcer spoke the words of song, and the players had to give the title. "Finish the Phrase" where a song was played, paused, and the players had to sing the rest of the lyric. Correct answers earned a hundred points and incorrect answers cost a hundred. When time ran out, the two highest scorers moved on. In event of a tie, one more question was asked off the board with the correct answer earning advancement.

"Bid a Vid" was the second round. A series of clues were on the board towards the name of an artist, such as "Fonda's Craving" for Jane's Addiction. After one was selected, then a clue towards the song was given much in the style of the artist clue. Then players bid back and forth how few seconds they could name the video in. Maximum bid is seven seconds. A player can tell their opponent to name that video at any time. Naming it earns a point, incorrectly guessing gives the point to the opponent. Three points are needed to win. A player must earn the third point. Once a player earns three points they go to the bonus round.

In the bonus round, the winner must identify ten videos in sixty seconds - name and artist. Each correct answer is worth $500, all ten earns a new car and VH1's "100 Greatest Albums of All Time" collection.

Host Karen Bryant previously appeared on the cable network FX on a music news program. One of her co-hosts was current 7-Up spokesman and "Mad TV" alum Orlando Jones.

The official car of "Name that Video" is the Toyota 4-Runner.

A pretty fun show. The different categories in the main game are fun, and the funny answers gave Karen a chance to rib the contestants a bit. Her performance is somewhat stiff, though.

Cast - 1.0
Bells and Whistles - 1.5
Game - 1.5
Prize - 1.0
Tilt - 1.0

[ 06.0 ]

It's too bad the show wasn't based on "Name that Tune" more than it was. It would've been neat to see the different video minigames. The car is the bonus isn't too shabby, and the CD collection is cool, but virtually squat for the other players isn't good. The set is a little barren, and the music is uninspired. But, this is one of the more interesting cable games to come along in recent years.


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