Jim Lange
Broadcast history: CBS Daytime September 8, 1975 - November 26, 1975
Host: Jim Lange
Announcer: Johnny Jacobs

A trip to Switzerland!Round and round it goes... Four women compete. To start the game, each player is given a starting prize. Then, another prize is shown and Jim asks a question. The first to buzz-in with the right answer then gets control of the arrow. The object is to have the arrow point at your eighth of the flower or one of the four "Give-n-Take Advantage Areas." If it points at any of those five areas, the winner of the question has control of the prize. They can keep it or give it to an opponent. If it points at another player's area, they have control. The idea is to get a prize package that is closest to $5,000 in value without going over. If a contestant goes over $5,000 they are frozen. If they get the arrow pointing at them, they don't keep the prize in play (it goes into the bonus round) but they do get to give away one of their prizes in hopes of getting back under $5,000. Seven questions are played. The woman closest to $5,000 without going over keeps their prizes and goes to the bonus round.

She's getting ready to hit the button for $16,000 in prizes In the bonus round, they play for all of the prizes offered that day. They choose one pod to sit in, and if they point the arrow at that spot, they win all of the prizes. The winner faces three new challengers the next day.

The arrow slowing down was accompanied by what became the "Wheel of Fortune" bonus round timer sound.

The theme music was used later on an unsold pilot, "Temptation."

Hmmm...interesting. The show is chock full of prize plugs, making for fewer questions being played. The idea is neat, but with only seven questions, there's not a lot of time to catch up when you're behind or frozen.

Cast - 1.0
Game - 1.0
Bells and Whistles - 0.5
Prize - 1.5
Tilt - 1.5

[ 05.5 ]

Jim Lange is bland as host, and the set is done up with a lot of lights, tons o' black and some disorganization. The prizes are good, but the taxes would be horrendous, hence .5 off the prize grade.

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