Review: Dirty Rotten Cheater

Bil Dwyer
Broadcast history:
PAX January 6, 2003 - Apr 14, 2003
Host: Bil Dwyer

This player enjoys a $10,000 bonus Six players competed. Before the show, one was designated the “dirty rotten cheater.” This player was given the answers on their podium’s monitor. They could use them as they wished. The host presented a survey question and the top ten answers were accepted for score money. Each player in turn gave one answer. If it matched one given on the survey, they were paid according to its position. The top answer was worth $250, the number two answer $500, the third-most given answer $750 all the way up to $2,500 for number ten. After each had been given a chance to give an answer, bonuses were handed out. $10,000 for first, $7,500 for second and $5,000 for third. If two people tie for these bonuses, the money is split between them.

They just lost half their moneyCasting your vote In the next portion, players were free to voice their choice for the cheater, and why they thought that way. After opinions were given, each player cast a vote for the cheater. As soon as three votes are cast for one person, they are eliminated from the game. If they are the cheater, that player simply leaves the game and a new cheater is selected. If they were not the cheater, everybody lost half their pot and the cheater remained the same.

If no consensus is made, the scores are cut in half automatically and the cheater secretly locks in a player to eliminate. Since one player locking in a choice would be pretty obvious, everybody is required to put their hand in a compartment so nobody is left out.

What does the audience say?In the next two rounds of the game, two questions are played before each vote. The fourth round, now with only three people left, is played differently. Bonuses are taken out of play. Two questions are played. But now instead of the players voting, the audience does the duty. At least fifty percent of the vote is needed to oust a player. If no consensus is met, the players once again lose half and the cheater ousts somebody.

The honest players try to win $500In the final question round, one question is played between the two remaining players, only they get to answer three times. Following the questions, each gets to tell the audience why they’re not the cheater. Then, the honest players eliminated from the game get to cast their personal votes as to who the cheater is. If they end up correct, they win $500.

The money's gone, that means...He wins $12,000!The audience casts their vote one more time. The cheater is then revealed and they make a grab for their score. If the cash in the box falls into a trap door, it means the audience chose correctly, and the honest contestant gets their money. If it doesn’t fall, the audience was wrong and the cheater wins the cash.

Bil Dwyer is a comedian, and was the host of “Ultimate Fan League” on FOX Sports Net as well as Comedy Central’s “Battlebots.”

Packager Jonathan Goodson is best known for his national lottery game shows, as well as being the mind behind the 1994 revamps of “Price is Right” and “Family Feud.”

Sooo underappreciated. This was a clever game with substance. It got cancelled way before it could shine. The set is attractive, Bil Dwyer is a good host and the prize money is very good for cable. The music, as with most new shows, is too grim, but what can you do?

Cast - 1.5
Bells and Whistles - 1.5
Game - 1.5
Prize - 1.5
Tilt - 2.0

[ 08.0 ]

As always, here I go whining about lack of consolation gifts. A half off the game score for all the audience reliance, but otherwise, it should still be on. It had at-home playability and was fun to watch.


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