Review: Celebrity Double Dare

Bruce Jenner
Tape date: July 29, 1987
Host: Bruce Jenner
Announcer: Bob Hilton

Two teams of one celebrity and an adult compete. A toss-up stunt is played for control and $100. Then, Bruce reads a question with two answers. Each teammate must come up with an answer. If they’re right they win $50. If they’re wrong they lose control. They can opt to “dare” the other team to answer the question. The value is now $100. They can answer it, or “double dare” because a wrong answer loses control and $100 goes to thRain on my Paradee other team. When a team is “double dared” they can answer for $200 or take the physical challenge. A physical challenge is a messy stunt done in 15, 20 or 30 seconds. If the team accomplishes it they get $200. If they lose the challenge, the other team gets $200. Control switches after each question. When time runs out, round one is over.

In round two dollars double to $100, $200 on a dare and $400 on a double dare. The team with the most money wins the game and goes to the obstacle course.

Scott Baio busts down a doorScott Baio comes down the zip line In the obstacle course there are seven obstacles, four for one person, two for the other and one for both. They have 90 seconds to complete the course. To proceed after each stunt, the player must hit the buzzer located at the end of the obstacle. Each is worth a prize, and number seven is worth a car. New players compete each show.

The celebrities on the pilot were Heidi Bohay and Scott Baio. Another pilot shot featured Stuart Pankin as one of the guests.

Bruce Jenner’s prior game show experience came from “Star Games” a physical 1985 show he co-hosted with Dick Butkus and Morgan Brittany.

Blecch. Bruce Jenner is tolerable at best. This can basically be summed up as a bastardized version of “Double Dare.” The set and format are different and the obstacle course was turned upside down.

Cast – 1.0
Game – 2.0
Bells and Whistles – 1.0
Prize – 2.0
Tilt – 0.0

[ 06.0 ]

The celebrities on the pilot avoided messes at all costs. You aren’t going to find a Henry Polic for this show to be on call at the last second. Flaws are bounding as you can see, but the volleying control, stakes and questions were kinda interesting. Might've sold if the kids version hadn't set the precedent before it, actually. Or maybe I'm crazy...

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