CAUGHT IN THE ACT (Unsold pilot)
Jack Clark
Tape date: 1979
Host: Jack Clark
Announcer: Jay Stewart

Games Played With a Ball Three players compete. To start the game, the two challengers at the podium choose one of the six prizes displayed on the board or one of the three mystery prizes. Then, Jack Clark reads a subject (ex: Games Played with a Ball) and the players are given 30 seconds. The first player tries to uncover one of the eight items in the category on the board. When they do, their opponent tries to reveal one of the other seven. This continues until all answers are found, or time runs out. If all the answers are found, both contestants get their prizes and a new board is played. If time runs out, the player that is “caught in the act” switches places with the champ and the winner is credited with the prize they chose. When a player has two prizes, they can play for one of their opponent’s prizes. The first to win three prizes keeps them and goes to the bonus. The odd man out returns in the next game.

Contestant tries to describe Superman In the bonus round, three subjects are given. Three pre-determined answers for each are arranged in columns. They are allowed one free answer to be revealed. Then they have sixty seconds to reveal the other eight for $10,000. If they fail, they get $500 for each column and row they completed.

The theme music on this pilot was used on "Pass the Buck."

The answers for each subject were compiled by polling a group of eight people. Each had to come up with a different answer.

Among the prizes up for grabs on the pilot were “tickets to anything,” a used car, 50 dinners at 50 different Chinese restaurants and more fabulous things.

Another Jack Clark unsold pilot? Wow! All kidding aside, this is pretty decent. The set is a little odd, and the theme is overplayed, but it’s a fun game. The prizes are interesting, not as bad as others have made them out to be. I think it would’ve been a neat sell. I would’ve watched it.

Cast – 2.0
Game – 2.0
Bells and Whistles – 1.0
Prize – 1.5
Tilt – 1.0

[ 07.5 ]

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