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Although it is in limited capacity, we are still back.
For those who are first time visitors I will explain. For those who have been here before, you will understand. In November of 1996, I made the decision to try and create a "HOME" page that I could call mine. I wanted a page that would be fun, possibly allow me to receive a few emails from other WEB SURFERS like myself, and maybe even get noticed. Well, I tried several ideas.
Sports, News, the usual stuff.
Then one night while I was sitting at my computer trying to figure it out, I thought to myself, "THIS IDEA IS USELESS"!
Then it hit me. What I had was
(Just Another Useless Page)
So I created "JAUP", a membership of sorts, for others who wished the same as I. Well, it wasn't long after that that the page had grown to imense size. I was receiving over 40 emails per day, and was needing to spend an average of 3 hours a night on the computer just to keep up. It had finaly gotten to the point that I had to quit. It had simply become too much.
Well, it has been almost a year since I made my last update, and I still get emails, not as many, but I still get them. Many who wish to become members, and quite a few who just want to know when I will be getting back to "THE PAGE". Some of the features have had to be eliminated, but I will try to perform regular updates.
What you will see here is nothing more that a collection of links,
to other personal WEB PAGES. Some have become outdated, but I will try to make any corrections that I can find. If you are a member, and have moved your page, or have deleted or changed it in any way, please let me know and I will try to make the correction.

Well, enough said, now have some fun !
Being a member of JAUP is not a disgrace. ( Remember, someone had to like you enough to put you here.)
Please note that not all JAUP members are totally USELESS. In fact quite a few of them are rather interesting and unique!
JAUP is simply a list of sites that have not made it to the Top 5%, or Bottom 95% ,YET!
Who knows, maybe JAUP can help.
To become a member of JAUP, you must be nominated by someone who feels that your page deserves the distinction of being a JAUP. (You can nominate your own page if you like.)
Once you have been nominated, your page will be submitted to JAC, (Jaup Approval Commitee). This usually takes between 1 to 2 minutes. Then, and only then, will you be allowed to display the JAUP emblem on your page.
So, if you have seen a page that deserves this honor, or would like to bestow it on yourself, please submit your nomination, via email, to THE JAUP MASTER, and I will promptly forward it to JAC. Remember to include the complete, and accurate URL, or the process will be delayed.
If your page is accepted to JAUPDOM, I strongly request that you place the JAUP emblem of your choice, along with a link back to JAUP on your page, to help promote membership.
The currently available emblems may be viewed by clicking here !
Please note that they all have been created by members of JAUP !
Stop by and say HI! Tell me what you think!

See what others have been saying!


Due to the growing size of the JAUP Membership, there are now 9 pages of listings.
Be advised that there are a LOT of things to see and do here !

You may also view the JAUP MEMBERSHIP logos available .
Now with Animations !
All designed by members of JAUP.

If you have a problem with any of the links, please let me know!

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New! Wet Noodle's Web Page... A lil page of art, music and random other things
New! Head Priest's Awsome Monastery... A place to call home while your brain is slowly turining to mush
New! Yair's Corner... A real personal blog!
New! Aidia... ramblings on many different things -- visual art, art history, tea, anime, yaoi, music, and queer theory
New! Seirdy's Home... long-form blog posts and short-form microblog posts. Topics include accessibility, user domestication, and search engines
New! sixtoesss... a pinkish n colorish personal web n diary for ppl that enjoy looking into other pplz lifes!
New! Sugarteara... Nephro's super cool website which is never finished.
New! LORD x NIKON... A personal site by a middleaged webdweller.
New! ap's hub... Personal site for practicing HTML, just starting off but excited to add more.
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                            undergrad with a webpage.
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Thy Website of Homepagery... take a short break here...
Jamal's website... games, animations and more
Vaea's Space... Just a place in cyberspace for a genderless android to be able to exist
ASCO... The Anime and such Consultation Office
HiyaaXP... WebGame2k presents games, videos, comics and more.
Nicki Faulk... Nicki's really cool blog
suntooth... Just a personal website
Rosie's Modern Life... gay website
Linky's Webspace... Various nostalgia and passion fueled creative projects
Tangotrail... Comics and art by Jess!
Niftows HP... A fun to attempt to imitate Windows XP for a personal website
Spot of Mummery... A FFXIV fansite including stories, art, screenshots, music, articles and more!
The Lair of the TurtleWitch... Indulging in some top notch retro-web shenanigans.
Rockytype... Funky colors, art, music, and video games.
Galactixstar... Lucy's site featuring her 2D and 3D art.
Ophanimkei... art site for character and worm enthusiast!
OH.MG... Literally THE bestest URL on the face of the interweb networks
blissssssssssssssssssssssssss... a cyber maze with hyperlink
Toadsbey's Place... a miscellaneous showcase of interests and a home for writing and art
dxcccii... could i interest you in a little bit of everything all of the time?
Roly... I have over 5,000 88x31 buttons!
Vweb's Website... A website with some cool links.
Bats Tonight... Cartoonist Morty's portfolio of cartoons.
~ALPHABUILD~... Olivia's totally public collection of stories.
peony valley... A user's site tribute to the early 2000s websites.
Rains Space... Lots of fun stuff for people to look at.
197666... This is a cool site! Has little bit of everything. Check out the dress up game!
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Bliss Net... CinderPeach's Blis OS
Kuru... Jax's web page is a work in progress with music!
Philcam... Philcam pushes social-broadcasting content on various platforms.
JERRY LEHR... music, games, project warlock!
Atomic Gothic... Nuclear-themed site with art and comics
Mirages... old medias, music, my drawings and photography, thoughts etc
Segasonic's website... ROM hacking, watching youtube, playing retro games and drawing.
The Godfather Trilogy... the original unofficial site since 1995. The site you can't refuse!
amiya's world... a virtual shrine to the owner, amiya!
PurpleHello98... Daniel's home page, check out his button collection!
The Year is 199X... sharing cool stuff that nobody else cared about, and just threw away!
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-ˏˋhoney citron!ˊˎ-... JJ's Corner of the Internet.
The ULTIMATE Star Wars Web Site... A site devoted to all aspects of the Star Wars Universe.
none of this will matter in the long run... Joe Buck's personal website

Created 03/17/96
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...A first degree WEBAHOLIC!

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