Welcome to the Shadow Ninja22 Guild!!!

I am adding Changing Ryu to the Download Page.


Mai is now available again.  and i am now working on Ibuki. Also I gave you all a sneak preview of how he would look like in the WIP section.  Well thats it for today


I decided i was going to lift this page back up. I will also add more cool things to download (Death Egg from S3&K) its a really big board). I am also thinking of releasing my second character that i made (Uchiha Ibuki) still thinking of it though. well good bye for today.


Alright as promise her is the update of Mai (April Fools) in all seriousness, i am going to dump the project, so thanx to all that supported me(and MMR I am sry for stealing your sprites)
well see you all there will be no more updates. started young and i am ending young). oh and this site is probably going to get deleted in 5 days. Who knows, I may reappear someday. But for now I feel like a thief (which i am) so everything is in the trash.


For those who are checking in, i am going to try and update her on this coming saturday. also i am going to add a stage that i created also.  I guess thats all for today. For all those who have reported bugs to me I want to say thank you.;


I finally get off to making webpage keep! So far i only got to create the outline for everything. I also have one char to download for mugen (Mai Shiranui). wish me luck and see ya. oh and almost forgot.  email me at (doesnt exist. com) for any question. also i would like to hear some feedback
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