Halbert Family

William HALBERT b 1635 in England

William HALBERT b 1635 in England had son William HALBERT b 1681 in Wales d 19 Feb 1733/34 in Caret, Essex Co. Virginia m’d 1 Mary Cook (e) b: Abt 1690 in Christchurch, Middelesex, Virginia

“HISTORICAL SOUTHERN FAMILIES, Vol. IX by John Bennet Boddie pages 191-217

The following information is taken from that source.

“The Halbert surname originated in France and was brought to England about the time of the Norman Conquest. It referred to a soldier who carried a halbard, which is defined as a "weapon in the form of a battle-axe and a pike at the end of a long staff," suggesting occupational origin denoting a soldier. The family tradition , were Scots, evidently proficient in the use of the battle-axe, or halbert, during the early wars of that country.

The first Halbert records are in The Land Rolls of 1265 A.D., entitled "County Estate Rolls of England, ," and can be found in the British Museum , London. These 1265 Land Rolls were published in 1383 by Charles Ware. Several branches of Halbert families are referred to in Boddie's book, and Maunsell's "Yorkshire Pedigrees," but the first one to actually show connection to my family is William Halbert who married Mrs. Mary COOK Wood prior to February 10, 1709, when they were appointed administrators of her former husband's will.

In 1215 AD in Sutton in Sussex, Cecelia, the wife of William Halbert is recorded {ref: Arch. Cant. vol 11, p. 276) as having sold her manor of Sutton to the monks of Roberts bridge to raise money to ransom her son, William, who had been taken prisoner by the king's forces. The son, William, confirmed the grants of land in North eye which his mother Cecelia, then living, had made to Edmund, a nephew (ref: MS collection , Arm Vincent, p.88)Edmund also claimed the Manor of Averanche in Kent against the Duke of Norfolk.

These early interesting stories of the Halberts have no documented connection to my family. They were among the many branches that appeared in early England.

William Halbert, who with his wife Mary lived in Essex County in 1709, was the first of his name in Va., married Mrs Mary Wood, formerly the wife pf Thomas Wood (d. before 1/10/1709) for on that date, William Halbert and Mary Halbert his wife, were appointed administrators of the estate of Thomas Wood (D.B. 13,-279). In those days, widows usually married soon after the death of their husbands and before their deceased husband estate are settled, for nearly always their second husband were appointed administrator of the first husband estate. In this case, we have no doubt but that she was the widow of Thomas Wood dec’d., for on July 25, 1709, William and Mary Halbert presented in inventory of Thomas Wood dec.,., and at that time she is referred as “Mary Halbert, late Mary Wood” (Id,-129)

On June 10,1710, William Halbert was a surety on the bond of Elizabeth Cole as adminstratrix of the estate of William Cole

Mary Halbert, widow, held land adjacent to Jacob and Joshua Stepp, on Oct 18, 1718. This land was formerly purchased from Edward Moseley by Abram Stepp, father to said Jacob. (D.B. 15,230) The entry is confusing because the will of William was not filed in Esex until 1723, and it is not of record in the County, evidently, therefore, not copied for some reason and the original will is lost. However, it was not until Feb. 19, 1733 that Joel Halbert was appointed administrator of William Halbert’s estate. He gave bond as follows: “We Joel Halberd, Wm. Moseley and Joseph Leeman are firmly bound unto Justices of the County of Essex--- in the sum of L200… and to make or cause to be made a true and prefect inventory of the estate of William Halberd.” (W.B. 5-157)

No record of the administration of the estate of William Halbert, who died before Oct 18,1718, and whose will was filed in 1723, has previously been found in Essex. It seems evident, there fore that Joel whose father and mother had married in 1709, had became of age. If 21 about Feb 1733, this would place his date of birth abt 1712 and his younger brother William would have been born some where between 1714 and 1718. (Note from Janet: Mary married again after William death to William Taylor. I found her will and William Taylor will. I will list them below.)

This mention here because it has been concluded that Joel was a brother of William whose estate was administer in 1733. (47 v. 260), William and Mary children were

Joel Halbert b abt 1712

William Halbert b abt 1713/1714”

"The Compendium of American Genealogy" by Frederick A. Virkus, a work well known to contain errors, so information found in it is not always reliable & should be verified from other, more reliable sources.

This makes me wonder what the original source was for the stated year of birth, 1681/1682, of William Halbert, & whether he was really born in Wales or England.

NOTE: William Halbert married Mary (nee Cook) Wood in 1709 in Essex Co., VA.

JOEL HERBERT was born about 1710 in Essex Co., VA, & died in 1762 aged 52 years.

It is usually stated that Joel Halbert was "born in Wales" & that he immigrated to VA "about 1725", a statement that is surely incorrect, since it seems that he was born in Essex Co., VA. The original source of this apparent misinformation also seems to have been "The Compendium of American Genealogy" by Frederick A. Virkus.


1 Joel HALBERT b: 1705/1709 in , Essex Co., VA

2 William HALBERT b: ABT 1714 in , Essex,

3 Sarah HALBERT b: ABT 1716 in , Essex, VA

Thomas Wood died his estate was bound to William Halbert & Wife Mary on July 10, 1709.

from Essex County Records - Deeds & Claims. Book 13 page 342

Know men that these presents - Wm. Halbert, Mary his wife, Jno Bates,Jno. Strong firmly bound unto Francis Goldman, Gentleman of EssexCounty, his heirs, administrators or assigns in behalf of the above Court of Essex County in yesum of one hundred poundsto which payment this 10th day of July, 1709.

The conditions of the above obligation is such that if the above bonden William Halbert, Mary his Wife, Jno. Bates and Jno. Strong, some one of them or some one of their heirs are ordered to save harmless indemnifies the above Court of Essex which to them may happen for or by reason of their having been granted the administration ofall singular the goods, rights and credits of Thomas Woods until the above bound Wm. Halbert, Mary his wife, will truly a administer thee state according to the several laws in that case made be proved this obligation to be void otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

The original Halbert homestead was located in St. Anne's Parish, Essex County, Virginia.

Essex County, Virginia - Was established in 1691 when Rappahannock County was split. The Church of England divided Essex County into two parishes - St. Anne's & South Farnham.

William Halbert is the earliest documented member of my Halbert family. He lived in Essex Co, VA in 1709 with his wife Mary Cook (e), formerly the wife of Thomas Wood. They were appointed administrators of Thomas Wood on February 10, 1709. (D.B. 13,-279.)

Index to Marriages of Old Rappahannock and Essex Counties, Virginia

page 125

WOOD, MARY, Widow of Thomas, married William Halbert, Book: D&C 13, Page: 296

Index to Marriages of Old Rappahannock and Essex Counties, Virginia, page 252

1727,WOOD,ELIZABETH, Daughter of Thomas married Thomas Heely, Book: O 7,

Page: 168. She is the Daughter of Mary Wood and Thomas Wood dec

Greetings list:

On behalf of Grace Thomas, I am posting the first of a series of research studies on the Halbert line.


The earliest records of the Halberts (earliest spelling) of this line in American appear to be found in Essex County, Virginia, when William Halbert and his wife, Mary, were appointed administrators of the estate of Thomas Wood. This administration bond was dated February 10, 1709/10 and on February 21,1709/1710, the inventory of the estate of Thomas Wood was presented by Mary Wood, his widow and relict, and by Wm Halbert, lately intermarrying with the widow. (Deed Book 13, p. 280 (74) and p. 291 (79).

The next document relating to William Halbert was dated June 10, 1710,when he was named as a surety on the bond of Elizabeth Cole, administrix of the estate of William Cole. By October 18, 1718, William had died, as Mary is mentioned in a deed to be holding land adjacent to Jacob and Joshua Stepp, and she is referred to as Mary Halbert,widow.

(D. B. 15, p 230.)

The foregoing records indicate that the marriage of William Halbert and his wife, Mary (whose maiden name has yet to be discovered,) was of short duration. But late will be shown

However, records show that this marriage produced two children: Joel and William, Jr.

Mary, after the death of William, married third, William Taylor. Both Mary and her third husband, William Taylor, left wills naming Mary's three children: Elizabeth Heely, Joel Halbert and William Halbert.

Elizabeth was not a daughter of William Halbert, but of Thomas Wood, as proved by a suit brought in Chancery Court by Thomas Heely and his wife, Elizabeth, whom it was stated was late Elizabeth Wood, daughter of Thomas Wood, deceased.

This suit was brought to court against William Taylor and his wife, Mary, for the purpose of gaining possession of the legacy left to Elizabeth by her father, Thomas Wood. (Order Book, Essex Co., Va, 1723/33, pp 148 and 227.)

William Halbert's estate was not probated until February 19, 1733, when Joel Halberd (sic), Wm Mosely and Joseph Leeman were bound and Joel was named administrator. (Will Bk 5, p. 167.)

The Mosley is link to Cooke family. More information on this go to Cooke family page

Another contribution by Grace Thomas.

Will of Mary __"Cooke"___ Wood Halbert Taylor Wife of (1) Thos. Wood; (2) William Halbert I and (3) William Taylor

Transcribed from original Old English or Colonial style handwritten will.

ESSEX CO.,VA. Will Bk 6, p. 69

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN, I Mary Taylor of Essex County in the Colony of Virginia being sick and weak in body but of perfect Sense and Sound memory thanks be to Almighty God for it I do make and ordain this my Last will and Testament in manner and form following: that is to say first and principally I Commend my Soul unto God that gave it And my body to the Earth to be buried with Christian decensie?? at the discretion of my Exutors hereafter named and of my worldly goods I dispose of as followeth

ITEM I give and bequeath unto my daughter Elisabeth Heeley my side sadle and one shilling sterling~

ITEM I give and bequeath unto my son William Halbert my gold ring ~

ITEM I give and bequeath unto my Grand Daughter Sarah Halbart my trunk

ITEM I give and bequeath unto my grandson Thomas Heeley five Shillings

ITEM I will, give and bequeath unto my Grand Daughter Molly Heeley five Shillings

ITEM I will, give and bequeath unto my two ~~~sons Joel Halbart and William Halbart (after my just debts paid funeral charges defraid and above legacies Satisfied and paid) All the remaining part of my estate to be Equally divided among them.

And I do appoint my said sons Joel Halbart and William Halbart Executors of this my Last will and Testament (carried forward)

WITNESS my hand and seal this ninth day of April in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand Seven Hundred and thirty seven.

/s/ Mary Taylor (Seal)

In prescence of Stephen Chenault } Elias Newman }

AT A COURT held for Essex County at Tapp- ) on the xxjst (21st) day of June Anno Dom MDCCXXXVIJ (1737)

Joel Halbert and William Halbert the Executors within named presented this last will and Testament of Mary Taylor dec'ed and made oath thereto as the law directs and the said will was also proved in due form by the oaths of Stephen Chenault and Elias Newman the witnesses thereto and then the said will was ordered to be recorded.

TEST W Beverly CCur(?)

(Court Clerk)

Note: This will seems to suggest that Joel Halbert's younger daughter Mary was not yet born.

Written in Old English Script Spelling and punctuation verbatim (as near as decipherable)

Another contribution by Grace Thomas

Will of William Taylor of Essex Co., Va. Third husband of Mary Cooke Wood Halbert Taylor Stepfather of Joel I and William II Halbert Sons of William Halbert and Mary Cooke Wood Halbert

Transcribed from original old Colonial style handwritten will.

ESSEX CO. VA. Will Bk 6, p. 10 (Starts at bottom of page 10.

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN this 29 day of August anno dom 1733, I, William Taylor of the county of Essex do make this my last will and testament IMPRIMIS I bequeath my soule to God that gave it & my body to earth from whents it was taken in certain hope of resurrection through the merit of Jesus Christ our Lord & Saviour and my temporal estate that god hath lent me I give and bequeath in manner & form as followeth:

ITEM I give half my estate land horses and moveable Immediately to my wifes three children to be equally divided between them exspt as followeth provided that William Halbert lives in subjection to (pg 11) his mother till he arrives to twenty one years of age otherwise to him only one shilling.

ITEM his part to remain in ye executs [executor's] hands till that time

ITEM I lend the other half of my estate reall and personall to my beloved wife duering her naturall life and after her deceas to be equally between her three children Elizabeth Joel and William

ITEM I appoint Thos Heely and my wife xecrs of this my last will & testament hereby revoaking and making void all former wills by me heretofore appointing this and none other to be my last will and testament.

his WITNESS my hand and seale the day and year above written.


William + Taylor

Seal Signed sealed & published

In preesence of Jno Cook, Wm Motley Item Thos Heely to see him buried at ye new church & parish in ____ (?)

In a Court held for Essex County of Tapp---? [Tappahannock?] on the xvii {or xviii) day of May anno and MCCCXXXXVJ (1736?) .

This last will and testament of William Taylor dec'd was presented in Court by Thomas Heely one of the Exrs therein named who also made oath thereto and being also in due form proved by the oath of William Motley one of the witnesses thereto who also made oath that he did see John Cook(now) deced subscribe the same as a witness at the time he did,as admitted to record.

(signed) Test W Beverely

Written in old English Script Spelling and punctuation verbatim (as near as decipherable)

Note: Thomas Heely married Elizabeth Wood, dau. of Thos Wood and Mary Cooke Wood Halbert Taylor. Other court records prove this. This also proves that Mary and William Halbert's son William, was a minor at the time this will was written. If oldest son Joel was born in 1712 as estimated, he had probably come of age recently. By the time their mother Mary Cooke Wood Halbert Taylor wrote her will in 1737, son William had also come of age.

Also, the two witnesses, John Cook [Jr.] and Wm Motley were involved in deeds concerning above Joel Halbert's two daughters by his first wife, Mary Bizwell. Mary Bizwell, granddaughter of John Cooke, Sr.(died 1727) was a daughter of Mary Cook(e)and Jeremiah Bizwell, who had died before the death of her father, John Cook(e), Sr. Wm Motley was a grandson of John Cook(e), Sr. and a cousin to Joel Halbert's daughters Sarah and Mary Halbert, all of whom inherited land from John Cook(e). Also, the will of Mary Cooke Wood Halbert Taylor seems to prove that her granddaughter Mary Halbert was not yet born at the date of her writing her will, as Mary was not named, although other grandchildren were.

Note: the John/Jno Cooke found above must Mary Cooke her father that died 1727. Wm Motley is married to Hannah Cooke, the sister of Mary Cooke. Grace Thomas states the Mary Bizwell is a Cooke. Mary Cooke married David Jenkins after his death, Mary married Jeremiah Biswell. ( I go into more detail on the Cooke page)

Another contribution by Grace Thomas on one of the Halbert lines. [email protected] I am not sure if this email works


And the true descent of their daughters, Sarah and Mary from their Great-grandfather, John Cook(e)

The term "true identity" would seem to be redundant. However, since the identity of the wife of Joel Halbert has been taken to be Mary Boswell the daughter of Mary Cook(e) daughter of John Cook(e) and wife of Jeremiah Biswell. Making Mary Cooke the grandmother of Joel Halbert's daughters Sarah and Mary, this is an attempt to present another view of this situation.

Sarah and Mary Halbert being the children of Joel Halbert I and Mary Biswell, Mary Biswell was great-granddaughter of John Cooke and Mary Cook(e) the daughter of John Cooke.

This account will present documentation to show that Mary Cooke was the grandmother, and John Cooke was the great-grandfather of Sarah and Mary Halbert and that their mother was Mary Biswell/Bizwell.

I am posting here the same documents that I have post on Cooke family page. But there still more information on Cooke that is not here.

That Joel Halbert I, (ca 1712) of Essex County, Virginia was married and had two daughters before he married Frances Jones, is certain.

Several documents substantiate this fact.

For instance, in the will of Mary Cook(e)Wood Halbert Taylor,[1] mother of Joel Halbert, she mentions a granddaughter, Sarah Halbert. This will was dated April 9, 1737 and was probated June 21, 1737. Her sons, Joel and William are named executors. Joel's daughter Mary apparently was not yet born, as she was not mentioned in her grandmother's will.

Further proof that Joel was married and father of two daughters, Sarah and Mary, is found in several documents pertaining to land inherited by his two daughters as heirs of John Cook(e) of Essex Co., Virginia.

By what have found Sarah and Mary Halbert were descend from John and Susannah Pell Cooke thru their daughter Mary Cooke wife of Jeremiah Biswell. But they were as a Cooke thru their father Joel Halbert mother Mary Cooke but to this day no one knows this Cooke family.

Found in Order Book 1754-1757 of Essex County, pages 46, 176 and 266

In which Sarah and Mary Halbert by Joel Halbert, "their nearest friend" bring suit of "ejectment: in order to take title to the above-mentioned land. These documents are dated 1753. Sarah and Mary are referred to as "infants under the age of 21," indicating that they were both born after 1732.[2]

The following year, in Deed Bk 27, p. 71, Essex Co., Va,

Is found a deed dated Oct 11, 1754, between John Motley and Tabitha, his wife, of Essex Colony of Virginia, and Theophilus Favor, for 39 pounds . . . part of land that John Cooke, grandfather of John Motley had his dwelling, plantation on and which fell by co-heirship after the decease of John Cooke and his male heirs, to the above John Motley and the two daughters of Joel Halbert, surviving grandchildren of the above said John Cooke by his daughters, namely, Hannah, the mother of the said John Motley and Mary, mother of the above-mentioned daughters of Joel Halbert. etc.[3] (Note: John Motley is the son of William Motley and Hannah Cooke)

On the same day as the above deed, a bond for 500 pounds between Joel Halbert and James Charles of Caroline County, and Wm Halbert and John Motley of Essex County to Theophilus Favor was made to guarantee the title to the land to Theophilus Favor when Joel Halbert's two daughters, Sarah and Mary, come of age. By this time, Sarah was married to James Charles.

Page 106 - Bond - 28 October 1754 - L 500, JOEL HALBERT And James Charles Of Caroline County And WILLIAM HALBERT And John Mottley Of Essex County To Theophilus Favor To Guarantee Deed Date 11 October 1754 (See Above) Refers To The Daughters of Said JOEL HALBERT Namely SARAH, Now Wife of Said James Charles, and MARY HOLBERT

From the above deeds wherein Joel Halbert's two daughters are said to inherit this land from John Cooke through their mother, Mary, daughter of John Cooke, and wherein they are called grandchildren of John Cooke, it would seem that Joel Halbert did indeed marry Mary Biswell, as has been accepted by earlier researchers.

However, in another deed [4] (Deed Book dated January 1757, page 253 (43), James Charles and his wife, Sarah (formerly Halbert) who had now apparently come of age, sign the deed, in which for the sum of two pounds six shillings and a sixpence, current money of Virginia . . . "grant and give all right and title that they have to that land and plantation that John Cooke, great-grandfather of Sarah Charles formerly lived on and which said land contained one hundred sixty-two acres, after the death of the said John Cook and his male heirs, became the property of the said Sarah Charles and her sister Mary, great-grandchildren of the said John Cooke."

These two deeds indicate that there was a conflict as stated in the relationship of the Halbert daughters to John Cooke. They were either his grandchildren or they were his great-grandchildren. The couldn't be both. It appears that the first document calling them daughters of Mary Cooke and grandchildren of John Cooke, was accepted without effort to resolve this conflict, (which probably could have been a copying error on the part of the court clerk), which resulted in being published and republished in various works. *See note below.

Perhaps one problem was that no deed wherein Mary granted title to her share of the inherited land was found until much later. This was no doubt due to the fact that Mary had married and when the deed was made it was indexed under the name of her husband only. No record of her marriage was found, so it was unknown to later searchers to whom and when she had married.

Except to her descendants, one of whom, Bill Buchanan,[5] sent me copies of the pertinent documents. A check of the Essex, with this new information, verified his information.

P. 253 - Deed - 18 January 1857 [1757?] - James Charles And Sarah, His Wife, Of Caroline County, Sell Theophilus Favor Land In Essex County. Deed Says That John Cooke, Great Grandfather Of The Said Sarah Charles, Formerly Lived On - After Death of John Cooke And His Male Heirs - 81 Acres Descended to John Mottley, Grandson Of Said Cooke, And 81 Acres Decended to Sarah Charles And Her Sister Mary, Great Grandchildren of John Cooke, Etc. Witness: JOEL HALBERT, WILLIAM HALBERT and William Kidd

A bond was given by William Kidd of Essex Co., dated January 31, 1757, wherein he was bound unto Theophilus Favor of the same county and colony in the sum of two hundred pounds current money of Virginia. The condition of the bond was such that Mary, now wife of William Kidd, had equal right with her sister Sarah Charles to the half of that land and plantation that John Cooke great-grandfather to the said Mary Kidd and her sister, Sarah Charles lived on, etc. containing eighty-one acres. William Kidd for the sum of fifty-five pounds and thirteen shillings agreed, bargained and sold all the right that he and his aforesaid wife Mary and their heirs have or may have to the above said tract of land. This was to take effect when Mary Kidd came of age.

Mary Kidd was Sarah Halbert sister and daughter of Joel Halbert and Mary Biswell

At a court held for Essex Co. at Tappahannock the 20 of September 1757, this bond was proved. Marginal note:

Original delivered to Theophilus Favor, Jr. for Theophilus, Sr., 7 June 1758[6]

On September 1, 1761, William Kidd and Mary, his wife, of the County of King and Queen and Colony of Virginia to Thomas Favor (son of Theophilus Favor, deceased), of the County of Essex and Colony aforesaid of the other part, wherein the above-mentioned Mary Kidd had equal right with her sister, Sarah Charles to one half of the one hundred sixty and two acres of land lying in Saint Ann's parish in Essex County, it being the land and plantation of John Cooke, deceased, the Great-grandfather of the said Mary Kidd lived on and the said William Kidd for and in consideration of the sum of fifty and two pounds thirteen shillings current money, hath agreed to sell and convey unto the above-mentioned Theophilus Favor . . .all the right that he and his aforesaid wife Mary have or may have unto the above said tract of land, by a bond given by said William Kidd unto said Theophilus, which was duly proved in Essex County Court the 20th of September 1757[7]

Thus, Mary Halbert was married by January 31, 1757, but was still a minor, but had come of age by September 1, 1761. Since she was not named in the will of her grandmother, Mary Wood Halbert Taylor, dated April, 1737, and considering the date on which she had apparently come of age and could then legally sign the deed in 1761, she was probably born about 1739/40.

Therefore, if Mary Cooke was the grandmother of Sarah and Mary Halbert, as the above records would seem to prove

Therefore, the correct relationship of Sarah and Mary Halbert, daughters of Joel Halbert and his first wife, Mary Bizwell are that they were granddaughters of Mary Cook(e) Wood Halbert Taylor, daughter of John Cooke, and great-granddaughters of John Cooke thru Mary Biswell being the daughter of Anne Cook(e) and Jeremiah Biswell.

*Note: Court records, etc. available for research are copies made by court clerk. They are not the original records.

[1] Essex Co., Va Will Bk 6, p. 69.

[2] Essex Co., Va Order Bk 1754-1757, pp 47 and 266

[3] Essex Co., Va Deed Bk 27, p. 254 (43)

[4] Essex Co., Va Deed Bk, 27, p 71

[5] William Buchanan, 1727 Lansing Drive, Apt 201, Salem, Va, 24253-7523, (7/27/1991

[6] Essex Co., Va Deed Book 28, p. 16.

[7] Essex Co., Va Deed Book 29, p 45.

[8] Named in Timothy Pell's Will as his dau., Rappahannock Co. WB 2, p 44-46, dated 8 Dec 1676, Pro. 5 Sep 1677; also deed dated Sept. 13, 1728, bet. John Cooke and Susannah Cook of Parish of St. Anns in Essex Co., of one part and William Cook of same deed land purchased by Timothy Pells, grandfather of William Cook, etc.

[9] FHL Film 74332, pt 1, 1703/07, p. 319.

[10] Will Book 2, pp 44-46.

NOTE and Question:

John Cooke who married Susannah Pell dau of Timothy Pell. John Cooke parentage is in question

Click here Cooke

and Pell chick here for Pell

By dates I know he is NOT the son of Mordecai Cooke; or even Mordecai Jr

Consequently, reference to this situation in John C. Boddie's account, and other records have been mistaken as to the relationship of Joel Halbert's daughters to John Cooke and his daughter, Mary Cooke Jenkins Bizwell.

The following is a quote from Virginia Southside Families, Vol. 9, p. 194, by John B. Boddie:

"No record of the administration of the estate of William Halbert, who died before Oct. 18, 1718, and whose will was filed in 1733, has previously been found in Essex.It seems evident, therefore, that Joel Halbert, whose father and mother had married in 1709, had become of age. If 21, about February 1733, this would place his date of birth in 1712, and his younger brother, William, would have been born sometime between 1714 and 1718. This is mentioned here because it has been concluded that Joel was a brother of the William Halbert whose estate was administered in 1733."

Note: The wills of Mary and William Taylor prove conclusively that Joel was a son of Mary Taylor and her second husband, William Halbert, not his brother. (But father and son)

It is interesting that the estate of William Halbert was not brought to probate earlier by Mary and her third husband, William Taylor, as it was often the custom for a widow to remarry soon after her husband's death and then for the widow and her new husband to settle the estate of the former husband. (As was the case with Mary and William Halbert settling the estate of Thos. Wood.) There seems to be no information to indicate when Mary Halbert married William Taylor. There apparently were no children of this marriage.

The assumption by Boddie that William Halbert's estate was settled when his son Joel Halbert came of age, seems to be a reasonable one. The will of William Taylor, dated August 19, 1733, naming Mary's three children, Elizabeth Heely,* Joel Halbert, and William Halbert, as mentioned above, indicates that William was still a minor.

Mary wrote her will nearly four years later, dated April 9, 1737, naming her daughter, Elizabeth Heely and sons, Joel and William Halbert, whom she appointed to be executors (indicating that William had now become of age in the intervening years since William Taylor wrote his will. This narrows down the dates between which William would likely to have been born to between 1712 and 1716.) *Note: Spelled both Heely and Heeley.

Mary also named her grandchildren in her will, namely, SARAH HALBERT (daughter of Joel) , John Heely, Thomas Heely and Molly Heely. Her will was probated June 21, 1737. (Will Bk 6, p. 69) The fact that she did not name Joel's second daughter, Mary, in her will would indicate that she was not yet born. This helps to narrow the years of birth of Joel's daughters.

The name of Joel's first wife was Mary. There has been some conflict as to her true identity. Some records refer to her as Mary Cook(e), daughter of John Cook(e). This has been proved to be wrong, by finding additional information concerning the daughters of Joel Halbert and his first wife, and identifying her as Mary Bizwell (who was named in her grandfather's will.)

And proving that Sarah and Mary Halbert, daughters of Joel, were granddaughters of Mary Cooke and great-granddaughters of John Cooke.

I have prove all this above.

The source of this mix-up in relationship to John Cooke and his daughter Mary, is two deeds of record in Essex County wherein the daughters of Joel Halbert, Sarah, wife of James Charles, but who was yet a minor under the age of 21, and Mary, also a minor, are referred to as granddaughters of John Cooke in one record and great-granddaughters in another.

It is strange that with the conflict of these two deeds, that one was apparently accepted without question, while the other was ignored. However, extensive research on this problem has found proof of the correct relationship of Sarah and Mary Halbert to John Cooke and his daughter, Mary Cooke.

A separate write-up of this problem is covered in considerable detail, as well as in a write-up of the Cooke family, providing proof of the true relationship of Joel Halbert's daughters to Mary Cooke and her father, John Cooke.*

After the death of Joel's first wife, who was Mary Bizwell, granddaughter of John Cooke, and mother of Joel's daughters, Sarah and Mary, he married Frances Jones, by whom he had six children. A separate write-up will give information on Joel's second family. (Note: again read the about facts about this in above proof)

Here is another research project on the Halbert line by Grace Pratt Thomas. Allied names are Andrews, Bendry, Biswell, Cooke, Fogg, Graves, Henshaw, Jenkins, Leeman, Motley, Pells, Rochfort, and Virget.


Grandfather of Mary Biswell/Bizwell First wife of Joel Halbert I

John Cooke of Essex County, Virginia married Susannah Pells. Susannah was a daughter of Timothy Pells and his wife, Alice. Note: Susannah Pells was not married at the time of her father death 1677.

Timothy Pells left a will as follows:

Rappahannock Co., Va Will Book 2, p. 44-46.

Dated December 1676. Probated September 1677.

In the Name of God Amen, I Timothy Pells being of sound mind and perfect memory doe make this my last will and testament revoking all former wills. Imprimis: I bequeath my soul to the almighty God who of his infinite mercy gave it to me and my body to dust from whence it came, Item: I bequeath unto my daughter Kezia my first filly foal that will be produced of her and that this next spring may be set on foot, unto the use of my said daughter and likewise two cows (Vizt:) Colly and Gentle and the Female increase of them.

Item: I bequeath unto my daughter Susanna the first filly that cometh of my said mare also two cows commonly known by the name of Doll and Browny with their female increase.

Item: I bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth two cows (vizt) Cherry and Cramp (?) also ye two heffer yearlings that now are on foot.

Item: I bequeath unto both my eldest daughters my seat of land to be equally divided betwixt them Both, as it shall be then Equally divided. Each paying a like for ye dividing of the same.

Item: I doe by this constitute and appoint my true and loving wife Alice Pells to be my whole and sole Executrix in this my last will to dispose and act as aforesaid and to have ye care and tuition of my children and to bring them up in the fear of God as witness my hand this eighth day of December 1676.

/s/ Timothy Pells

Teste: (Signed by weak Hand and by clerk also)

Lawrence Rochfort

John Graves

Lawrence Rochefort aged 31 years or thereabouts examined and sworn sath that he saw the above named Timothy Pells sign and publish ye above mentioned as his last will and testament and that he was in perfect sense and memory at ye judgment and further saith not. John Graves aged 28 years thereabouts examined and sworn said ye same with Lawrence Rochefort.

/s/ Lawrence Rochefort

John Graves

Jurat in _____ Curia Rappahannock

Rachefort et Graves 5' die 7bris 1677 (5th September 1677)

Teste: Edward Craske

_______ Although Timothy Pells' daughters were apparently minors and unmarried at the time of the writing of his will, further records give additional information on this family and proof that daughter Susannah became the wife of John Cook(e), Kezia married Samuel Henshaw and Elizabeth married (1) William Bendry, and (2) Job Virget. Alice Pells, widow of Timothy, married after Timothy's death, Daniel Shipley, whose first wife was deceased..

It is assumed that the order in which Timothy Pells listed his daughters was according to their birth order, and all born before the year 1676, the date of his will.

1 Kezia

2 Susanna

3 Elizabeth

Virginia County Records, Volume VI

Virginia County Records, VI Rappahannock County Wills. Order Book, 1664-1673.

Name: Timothy Pells, Date: 8 Dec., 1676, Date: 5 Sept., 1677,

Daughters Kezia , Susanna and Elizabeth ; wife Alice executrix; witnesses Lawrence Rochefort , John Graves

*(See "The Search For The True Identity of the First Wife of Joel Halbert of Essex and Caroline Counties, Va. And the true descent of their daughters, Sarah and Mary from their Great-Grandfather, John Cook(e).)

Researched and compiled by: Grace P. Thomas; e-mail [email protected]

Virginia County Records, IX

Index to Land Grants Rappahannock County. (Continued from Vol. VI.) Book No. 6.

566 Thomas Wood 1675 Comment: 400 acres

The original Halbert homestead was located in St. Anne's Parish, Essex Co., VA.

Here are a few, usually missed, errors regarding William Halbert, and his son, Joel Halbert (written by John H. Flannery:

1.) WILLIAM HALBERT is usually said to have been born in Wales (or in England) in 1681 or 1682, & to have died in Essex Co., VA in 1718.

The latter date is apparently incorrect: In 1733 Joel Halbert, acting as Administrator for the settlement of his father's estate, filed a legal statement pertaining to his father's estate, dated February 19, 1733, & found recorded in Essex County, VA Will book 5. This would indicate that WILLIAM HALBERT in fact died in late 1732 or early 1733, not in 1718.

Joel HALBERT b 1705/1709 in Wales M’d 1st on 1730 Mary Biswell and m’d Aft 1740 in Essex County, Virginia 2 “Elizabeth” Francis JONES b: Aft 1722 in Essex County, Virginia .

Note: It is said that Joel Halbert and Mary Biswell were first cousins. There has been no prove of this!!!

Note: “HISTORICAL SOUTHERN FAMILIES, Vol. IX by John Bennet Boddie and "The Compendium of American Genealogy" by Frederick A. Virkus, Their work well known to contain errors, so information found in it is not always reliable & should be verified from others, more reliable sources.

Both state that Francis Randoplh Jones was the daughter of Col Richard Randolph and Jane Bolling. THIS MISTAKE AS GO ON AND ON but it is NOT TRUE!!

The dates for birth of Richard Randolph make him more like her brother not her father. But I NEVER found Francis Randolph list as sibling or a family member of the Randolph Curles of Virginia. Jane Bolling was born 1709sh and Frances was born about 1689 to be the mother Frances Jones wife of Joel Halbert.

Below is the information on Randolph family

Some researcher say Francis was the daughter of “Richard Randolph and Jane Bolling.” They had 9 children only 7 are know. There is said that was a son and a daughter unknown.

No one has ever proven that Richard and Jane Bolling Randolph had more the seven children

I found both Richard and Jane Bolling Randolph wills, They are below with children and ages for them.

If Francis Randolph m’d John Jones as it was said she did. Richard could have disinherited her for marry a man from Wales. For Jones family did or could have came from Wales. This has not been proven

Could Frances who married John Jones been another Randolph this has not proven either. Frances Randolph born abt 1676 and Jane Bolling born abt 1709 dates just will not work, SORRY FOLKS!

I hope to stop the people think that Richard Randolph and Jane Bolling were the parents of Frances Randolph wife of John Jones so here is Richard Randolph will and his wife Jane with list of their children and marriage for them.

WILL OF RICHARD RANDOLPH Dated 1747, Recorded 1749, Henrico Co., VA

To wife Jane, for life, the land and plantation at Curles, 33 slaves, livestock, coach and chaise, silver, etc., to divide same among my four sons Richard, Brett, Ryland and John, as she shall think fit (three sons Brett, Ryland and John under age)

To daughter Mary, L335

To daughters Jane and Elizabeth, L200 each

To son Brett, all my lan at Warwick in Henrico, and all land at Fighting Creek in Goochland County, and all at Mountain Creek in Amelia County, and livestock.

To son Ryland, all land on Appomattox River in Goochland County and Amelia County, and all land at the Bush River in Amelia, and all land on Falling Creek in Amelia.

To son John, land on Stanton River in Lunenburg County.

To son Richard, slaves he has possession of at Tuckahoe and Green Mountain.

To wife Jane, use of negroes.

To grandaughters Ann Cary and Mary Cary, negroes.

Peyton Rahnolph, Esq., Peter Randoplh, William Stith, Clerk and Richard Bland, to settle any disputes that might arise.

Executors: wife, son Richard, Col. Peter Randoplh, Col. Richard Bland, Mr. Archibald Cary; and the exectuors, along with Peyton Randoplh, Esq. and William Stith, Clerk, to be guardians to children.

Dated 18 November 1747

Wit: Richard Wilkinson, Richard Hooper, Stephen Childurs

Recorded June 1749

page 1995: -

JANE RANDOLPH Will of Jane Randolph of Curies

To son Richard Randolph, items, mostly silver

To son Ryland Randolph, same

To son John Randolph, same

To daughter in law Anne Randolph, same

To sons Brett, Ryland and John Randolph, the slaves directed to be divided between them by my husband's will

To daughter Elizabeth, L60 and items

To my niece Jane Eldridge, for life, a negro, and if she marry, I give it to her in fee

All the pewter and copper to sons Richard, Ryland, John and eldest surviving son of my dec'd son Brett

To son Richard, furniture

To son Ryland, my Picture of his father's hanging in my room and of my son Brett, done in crayons, & furniture

To son John, picture of Sir John Randolph & furniture

To eldest son of Brett, pictures in the Chamber

All the rest to sons Richard & Ryland and they, and Col. Archibald Cary to be executors

Dated 2 March 1766 Wit: Elizabeth Gay, Anne Murray

1. "Richard was born 1690 and in 1714 married Jane Bolling. It has been written that she was born 1703. That would make her a mere 11 years old when she married him and he was 24. That's one thing that doesn't sound right.

Richard and Jane Randolph had issue:

I. Richard of "Curles," married Anne Meade.

II. Ryland, died unmarried

III. Brett, born 1732, died 1759, married Mary Scott, in England, where he lived and died; though his children returned to Virginia.

IV. John of "Mattoax," Chesterfield County born June 26, 1742, died Oct. 28, 1775, married Frances, daughter of Theoderick Bland of "Cawsons," Prince George County, and was the father of John Randolph of Roanoke.

V. Mary, born Nov. 21, 1727, died Nov. 5, 1781, married Archibald Cary, of "Ampthill," Chesterfield County, distinguished Revolutionary statesman.

VI. Jane, married Anthony Walke, of "Fairfield," Princess Anne County.

VII. Elizabeth, married Col. Richard Kidder Meade, one of Washington's aids during the Revolution.


Now we need to see if can find more on John Jones and his wife Frances (Randolph or unknown maiden name)

Now Frances Randolph was said to born abt 1689 married John Jones in early 1700s. Their daughter Frances born 1700-6 or there abouts. Jane Bollling was said be born 1703, Therefore Frances Jones, wife Joel Halbert can not related to this Randolph family.

Joel Halbert moved from Wales to VA about 1725. (The Compendium of American Genealogy - page 208)

Joel married twice.

He married MARY Biswell in abt. 1730,

(although Old Rappahannock & Essex County marriages -Book D27, page 71list their marriage date as 1750. This makes two possibilities, either the 1750 date is the second marriage of Joel to Mary or the date has been transcribed wrong. Due to the fact that there is good evidence that Sarah was indeed the daughter of Joel & Mary, with a brother named William based on at least two recorded documents:

Manuscript - Joel Halbert & His Descendents by Florence Pearl Huey & Kenneth Waddell- 1947, P. 22, P. 106 of King & Queen County, Virginia records copied by the DAR as Vol. 27 notes that a bond of 500 Pounds was furnished October 20, 1754 by James Charles of Caroline County and William Halbert & John Motley of Essex County to Theopolis Faver of Essex County to guarantee a deed dated 1754. Reference is made to the daughters of Joel Halbert, namely Sarah wife of James Charles. Land was on Occupacia Creek.

Manuscript - Joel Halbert & His Descendents by Florence Pearl Huey &Kenneth Waddell - 1947, P. 22, States the Cook Plantation was divided with 81 acres going to John Motley, Son of William & Hannah (Cook(e)) Motley, and 81 acres going to Sarah (Halbert) Charles, wife of James Charles and her sister Mary Halbert. ( for more on the Cooke family on to page on my webpage )

JOEL HALBERT died in 1762 in Caroline County, Virginia at the age of 52.

The following is from the Essex County, Virginia Records: Will Book #5 - Pages 175-176.

(The Administration of the William Halbert Estate by Joel Halbert dated February 19, 1733)

Know all men by these presents that we Joell Halbard, Wm. Motley and Joseph Leeman are held and firmly bound until William Daingerfield, Thomas Waring, Sal Myscoe, Robt Brooks, James Garnett & Richard Smith, gent Justices of the County of Essex their heirs & successors in the sum of two hundred pounds current money to which payment well and truly to be made we bind ourselves, our heirs, admrs and every jointly& severally firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this XIX day of February Ano Dom MDCCXXXIII.

The condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bound Joell Halbard, Admr. Of all the goods, chattles & credits of the decd. Make or accuse to be made a true and perfect inventory of all goods, chattles & credits ofthe sd. Decd. which have or shall come to the hands and possession of any other person or persons for him & and the same so made do exhibitor cause to be exhibited into the County Court of Essex at such time as he shall be thereunto required by the said Court and the same goods, chattles, & all other goods, chattles & credits of the sd. Decd. At the time of his death which at any time after shall come into the hands or possession of sd. Joel or into the hands or possession of any other person or persons for him do well &truly Admr. According to law & further do make a true & just account for his actions & doings therein when thereto requiredby the sd. Court & all the rest & residue of the said goods, chattels and credits which shall be found remining upon decd.

Admin account of the same being first examined and allowed by the Justices of the Court for the time being shall deliver & pay unto such person or persons respectively as the said Justices by their order or Judgement shall direct pursuant to the same in that case made and provided and if it shall hereafter appear ye any Last Will and Tetant was made gby the sd. Decd. & the Exr. Or Exrs. Therein named do exhibit ye same into ye sd. Court making request to have it allowed and approved accordingly if the sd. Joel being thereunto required to render & deliver up his Letters of Admon. Approbation od such testamt, being first had and made in sd. Court. Then the above obligations be void and noe effect otherwise to be and remain in full force and virtue in law.

Joell Halbard (Seal)

Sealed, Signed & Deliverd Wm. Motley (Seal)

For prove of husband of Sarah and Mary read the above facts

Joel and Mary Biswell Halbert Children

1 Sarah HALBERT b: Abt 1734 in Essex Co, VA m'd James Charles

2 Mary HALBERT b: 1739 in Caroline County, Virginia m'd William Kidd

Joel and Frances Jones Halbert Children

1 John N. HALBERT , Sr. b: 1741 in Caroline Co., VA married Peggy Hill no children and 2nd Margaret Hampton 1700 Rowen County, North Carolina, had 8 children.

2 Hannah Elizabeth HALBERT b: 17 SEP 1742 in Caroline Co., VA married William Hill 1758 Caroline County, Virginia had 10 children

3 William Anson HALBERT b: 14 OCT 1744 in Caroline Co., VA married Elizabeth Hill Jun 1765 Caoline County, Virginia had 13 children

4 Martha HALBERT b: ABT 1747 in Essex or Caroline Co., VA married Robert Hill 17 Sep 1769 Henderson. South Carolina had 10 children

5 Joel HALBERT , Jr. b: 1749 in Caroline Co., VA married Martha Williams abt 1769 Stokes County, North Carolina had 4 children and 2nd wife was Hannah Ewing Davis 1783, North Carolina had 6 children. Hannah Davis parents were Moses Davis and Sarah Reed

6 Frances Jones HALBERT b: 1751 in Caroline Co., VA marroed Ambrose Blackburn 1772 Virginia had 10 children

For more information on the Pell family click here Pell

After the death of Joel Halbert, his wife Frances is found in

Caroline Co., Va Order Bk 1755-1763 p 272.

Date 1762

On motion of Frances Halbert, widow and relict of Joel Halbert dec'd, administrator on the estate, is granted to the said Frances Halbert, she having been given bond according to law.

p. 491 Date:?

Frances Halbert qualified (their mother) to wards William, John, Elizabaeth, Martha, Frances and Joel.

Order Bk 1764-67, p 72, March Court 1764

William, John & Elizabeth Halbert with the approbation of the Court made choice of Frances Halbert as their guardian. [Making choice signifies they were of the age of 14 or above but under 21].

p. 161. June Court 1764

On motion of Frances Halbert, she appointed guardian of Martha, Frances and Joel Halbert, orphans of Joel Halbert, dec'd and the said Frances Acknowledged a bond for same. (These three then were under the age of 14.)

Okay, if William was born Oct 14, 1744, in 1764 he wouldn't have been a minor long. And if John WAS the oldest, as some records have shown, and older than William,he would have been older than 21 at the date of these guardian bonds, and would then not have needed a guardian.

This means that William was over 14 and his siblings were under 14 making them minors. Note from Janet

From Old Rappahannock & Essex Co. Marriages - Book D27, page 71.

Southside Virginia Families" by John Bennett Boddie - page 228 states Elizabeth Frances Jones, daughter of John Jones, married Joel Halbert abt 1740 . Question: Was her name just Frances and Boddie try to make the Randolph work add Elizabeth??????

(Randolph Family File. FTW Repository: Call Number: Media: Other Text: Date of Import: Feb 7, 2000 I saw this sources on the net but the Randolph family member are not sure of the link between the Jones or Halbert family. When and if I ever find this link I will add the families to my webpage.)

Joel HALBERT , Jr. b 1749 in Caroline Co., VA , d Nov. 12,1818 in Lincoln Co., TN m’d Martha Williams before 1769 and 2nd wife Hannah Davis/Ewing in 1769

The family of Martha Williams I have not found but Hannah Davis has.

For more the Davis click here Davis


Joel Halbert's death date is determined by a statement in the Estate Settlement of Joel Halbert:

"Joel Halbert, late of Lincoln Co., State of TN, departed this life instate some considerable time before the first day of October in the year 1818."

"Chapter VI"

Joel Halbert JR of Lincoln Co. TN

When his estate was settled in Lincolna Co., TN. He married first Martha Williams abt 1769. He married 2nd Hannah Ewing who died sometime after 1836 probably in Lincoln Co.TN. The Children of Joel and Martha Williams Halbert

1 Stephen Halbert b abt 1774 in Va or SC d after 1860 in Knox Co., TN m'd Ginny ?

2 William Halbert b 1774 in oVA or SC d in Mis or Ala after 1860. He married Susannah Taylor dau of Richard Taylor and Hannah Vernon

3 Joel Halbert III b abt 1776 in Va or SC d after 1810 in Fentress Co. TN. He married Zeiohia Wright dau of Moses Wright and Margaret Edumondson

4 John Halbert b abt 1781 in NC and died after 1860 Sabina Co.TX. He married Susannah Higgins Oct 5,1805 Knox Co. TN

The children of Joel Halbert and Hannah Davis

5 Ann HALBERT b bef 1790

6 Frances HALBERT b before 1790

7 Jesse Halbert b abt 1792 NC and died after 1860 when he appeared on the Greene Co. MO 1850 Census. He married Elizabeth

8 Son b btw 1794-1804. This son name could be Joseph or Daniel or James

9 Mary Elizabeth HALBERT b btw 1794-1804

William HALBERT , Sr. b 1776 in Surry Co., NC d 1860 in Tishomingo Co., MS m’d Jan 1798 in Stokes Co. NC, Susannah Taylor b abt 1780 in Surry Co. NC


1 Joel HALBERT b: 1798 in Stokes Co., NC

2 Richard HALBERT b: 6 JUN 1799 in Stokes Co., NC

3 Frances HALBERT b: 1800 in Stokes Co., NC m’d Seth Martin

4 William HALBERT b: AFT 1800 in Stokes Co., NC

5 Mahala HALBERT b: AFT 1800 in TN

6 Elizabeth HALBERT b: 1809 in Williamson Co., TN

7 Susannah HALBERT b: 15 MAY 1811 in Williamson Co., TN

8 Mary Caroline HALBERT b: 20 JUL 1823 in Hardin Co., TN

Frances HALBERT b 1800 in Stokes Co., NC 1 Death: AFT 1860 in MS m’d ABT 1819 in TN Seth Martin b abt 1795 VA/NC or what is now TN. Frances parents were William Halbert and Susannah Taylor.

For more on the Martin family.

Click here for MartinII

Susannah TAYLOR b ABT 1780 in Surry Co., NC d BEF 1860 in TN m’d William Halbert JAN 1797 in Stokes Co., NC parents Richard TAYLOR b: ABT 1750 in VA and Hannah VERNON b: ABT 1750 in Charlotte Co., VA. Hannah parents Jonathan VERNON b: 1712 and Rebecca WORTH b: 23 APR 1723 in VA

Richard TAYLOR b: ABT 1750 in VA d 1804 in Knox Co., TN . M’d 4 JAN 1773 in Charlotte Co., VA Hannah VERNON b: ABT 1750 in Charlotte Co., VA

Children 1 Frances TAYLOR b: AFT 1774 in Surry Co., NC m’d Jonathan Martin between 1795-1800

2 Richard TAYLOR b: ABT 1776

3 Ezekiel TAYLOR b: ABT 1778 in Stokes Co., NC

4 Susannah TAYLOR b: ABT 1780 in Surry Co., NC m’d William Halbert

5 Rebecca Worth TAYLOR b: ABT 1782 in Stokes Co., NC

6 Hannah TAYLOR b: ABT 1784 in NC

7 Mary Polly TAYLOR b: ABT 1786 in NC


Title: Karla Tipton information at RootsWeb World Connect [email protected]

Title: Heritage of Stokes County North Carolina 1981, The Author: John R. Woodard, Chairman Editor the Book Committee Publication: The Stokes County Historical Society

Page: 495 Text: Jonathan Vernon, Sr. was born in 1712 in Pennsylvania. He died June 1805, in Stokes Co., NC. In 1742 he married Rebecca Worth in Pennsylvania. Rebecca was born in April of 1723.

Jonathan Vernon is listed in the Revolutionary accounts in the NC Archives at Raleigh, NC, as being paid for furnishing sundries to the NC Militia. Jonathan lived for a while in Lunenburg County, Virginia. Then, he owned land and lived in Cornwell Parish in Charlotte County, Virginia, before moving to Surry County, NC between 1773 and 1779.

On 13 October 1783, Jonathan Vernon, Sr. was granted by the state of North Carolina 500 acres on Coleman's Creek in Surry County. He deeded land he still owned in Charlotte County, Virginia, to one of his sons just before he died. The will of Jonathan Vernon, Sr. is recorded in Stokes County, NC will book 2, pages 62 1/2 and 63. It is dated 18 October 1803, and probated June, 1805. It names his wife, Rebecca, and five children who are as follows:

(1) Hanna Vernon was married 4 January, 1773 in Charlotte County, Virginia, to Richard Taylor.

(2) Ebenezer Vernon married first a Miss Adams and second, on 3 March, 1810, in Charlotte County, Virginia. Mrs. Nancy Hitchcock.

(3) Jonathan Vernon, Jr., married Mary Cox and went to Jackson County, Ohio.

(4) Irene Vernon married Mr. Childres.

(5) Rachel Vernon was born 27 July, 1759 in Lunenburg County, VA and died 28 September 1844 in Stokes Co., NC. She married John Ward on 21 December, 1779, in Surry Co., NC. John Ward was born 25 April 1755, in Culpepper Co., VA and died 15 Sep 1838 in Stokes Co., NC. They were married at the home of her parents and a wedding supper was given afterwards."

Alfred Tuttle

For Richard Taylor was the father of Susannah Taylor and her mother was Hannah Vernon. I do know anything on Richard Taylor for now. I do have information on the Vernon family.

Click here for Vernon

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William and Mary Halbert son William Halbert

William Halbert Birth: 1714-1718 Death: Abt 1760 in , Viriinia Married Mary maiden name unknown

William Halbert will

In the Name of God Amen I William Halbert of St. Anns Parish in Essex County Being sick and weak of body but of perfect sense and sound memory thanks to be God do make this my last will and testemant in mannor following

1st my body to the earth whence it was taken to be buried in such desent mannor as my exors. hereafter named shall think fit _rusting through the merist of my Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to be Received into eternal Happiness

Item I give unto my son James halbert my land and plantation where I live unto him my said son James and his heirs forever

Item I tend unto my loving wife Mary Halbert all my personable estate during her life or widowhood and after her decase or marriage to be equally divided between my daughter Hannah Newman, mr daughter Frances Halbert, my daughter Patty Halbert my daughter Ann Halbert, my daughter Elizabeth Halbert and my son William Halbert should die without issue then their part to be divid between the survivers of them

Lastly I do make and appoint my loving wife Mary Halbrt Executrix and Executor of this my last will and testemant in witness whereof I have hereunto set mt hand and seal this 18th day of Nov 1760

william halbert (l s )


James Halbert b: Abt 1740 in Essex, Virginia Death: Bef 7 May 1819 in Tappahanock, Virginia married twice first to Mary/Francis Faulconer daugther of Nicholas Faulconer,this information found Nicholas Faulconer will naming James and Nicholas grandchildren. and James married 2nd time to Sarah Shaddock. For more on this family to my family bush

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Frances Halbert b: Abt 1741 in , , Virginia

Hannah Halbert b: 1744 in , , Virginia married unknown Neuman son Andrew Neuman

Patricia Halbert b: 1754 in Essex, Virginia

Ann Halbert b: 1756 in Essex, Virginia

Elizabeth Halbert b: 1758 in Essex, Virginia

William Halbert b: 1759 in Essex, Virginia

Thanks to the Research of Denise Kellum [email protected] and other research who like to share.

HALBERT. HOLBERT HISTORY, VOL. 1.pp. 1-5 by Karen Halbert Moore.;218-260; 269-283.8999

Karen Halbert Moore.

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