Blade 2 photos "Behind the scenes"
                                        Here are some photos from the set of Blade 2.
                                                              Hope you enjoy!
Me Daz Crawford "Lighthammer" and Marit Velle Kile "Verlaine"
Me and Danny John Jules "Asad"
Me Norman Reedus "Scud" and Thomas Kretschmann "Damaskinos"
Me and Luke Goss "Nomak"
Me and Ron Perlman "Rienhardt" just out of the prosthetics trailer!
Me Donnie Yen "Snowman" and Mike Woods "Fight trainer"
Me and the Nyssa stunt girl. Zuzana Drdacka
Matt Schulze "Chupa" and Tony Curran "Priest"
   All airbrushed and no where to go! Just about ready to kick some vampire ass!
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