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Since we last spoke, I decided to launch a side project, to help me sort through all of the different music I have been making since the world ended, and also pushes me to continue to experiment, while I hone the songs I have written for the solo album. I am releasing one track a week for this whole year and maybe beyond. All of that can be found HERE. I also wanted to treat those of you who found this site to a fun little cover of a Ramones song I recorded a cover of for fun. Click the pic for a private link! Iím getting closer to actually launching this project; keep your eyes peeled for updates more often than once a year!

Love Always, James


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Hello to anyone who has found this site!

I have a lot of music I have been working on and itís kind of all over the place so forgive me for not releasing any of it sooner, but I really wanted to let my music be what it wanted to become. I started writing during quarantine and my mantra was to have no rules. I did not want to write for anyone or anything but myself. After over a year of working on it, some distinct projects have emerged, and I am in the process of organizing them all. I have stayed off social media and will likely continue to not interact much with it but I will promote my work with it at least some because I do want to share, I just donít want to fall prey to the emotional manipulation the algorithms of them are built upon.

This is my new hub for art and music and if you are interested in what Iím up to keep checking here.

Email me at [email protected]

Love Always, James

(PS: BLM, TLM, Believe Women, and for the record, fatphobia, ableism, and ageism have no place here)