Update 7 October 2004:
Added info on criss-cross variation of
Floating Square Stitch; also added info on new mezza stitch - Fan and Square.

Hello, my name is June. In "real life" I am a mom and teacher. But, in the context of the Society of Creative Anachronism, I am Lady Cecilia Bartoletti.

In the SCA, I am known essentially for two pursuits. First is my efforts to organize and guide the Silent Heralds of the Middle Kingdom, under the auspices of the Dragon Herald. Silent Heralds are sign language
interpreters. As the mother of a hearing impaired child, this is obviously an important consideration for me.

I am also known for my work in lace making. I have spent the last four years studying Lacis, arguably the world's oldest lacemaking technique. Recently, I have begun investigating mezza mandolina, an almost forgotten variation of lacis.
I am continually astonished, even after all these years, how many
beautiful patterns can be created by essentially one simple stitch. These
pages are an effort to share this forgotten art form with others. If you are interested I also have a blog. You can find it here.

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