Current Revision 0.2

sciFLT is a Fuzzy Logic Toolbox for scilab. The toolbox was wrote in a mix of C, Fortran, TK/TCL and scilab Code.

sciFLT was fully tested under Windows and Linux, both using Scilab 3.0

sciFLT have the following properties:

  • Types of Fuzzy Logic systems: At this stage, sciFLT can deal with Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy and Mamdani fuzzy systems usage.
  • SCICOS support: Member functions, S-Norm, T-Norm, Complement and Fuzzy Logic System (fls) are supported. Also include a palette.
  • S-Norm Class supported: Dubois-Prade, Yager, Drastic sum, Einstein,  sum, Algebraic sum, Maximum.
  • T-Norm Class supported: Dubois-Prade, Yager, Drastic product, Einstein product,  Algebraic product,  Minimum
  • Complement Class supported:  One (classic), Yager, Dubois.
  • Implication method supported: Product, Minimum
  • Aggregation method supported: Algebraic Sum, Maximum
  • Defuzzification method supported: Centroide, Bisector, Mean of Maximum, Largest of Maximum, Smallest of Maximu, Weighted Average, Center Average.
  • Member functions supported:  Triangular, Trapezoidal, Gaussian, Extended Gaussian,  Sigmoidal,  Product of two Sigmoidal,  Difference of two sigmoidal, S-Shaped, Z-Shaped, Pi-Shaped. Linear and Const as output for Takagi-Sugeno type.
  • GUI editor: Built in editor to change properties, inputs/outputs variables, member functions, rules.

Screen shots

Future plans

  • Fuzzy Clustering.
  • Learning Algorithm.


  • Improve fls editor (buggy).
  • Better integration with SCICOS, also add more blocks (as an example tune consequents).
  • Get better performance in computational routines (as an example unroll loops).
  • Compile with LCC in Windows? (see builder.sce)


source code with examples and how to build

Pre-Build Windows (scilab 3.0) (dll's)
just unpack in SCI/contrib folder and type exec(SCI+"/contrib/sciFLT_0.1/builder.sce");
Try sciFLTdemo and see some demos.


For information, please write to
Jaime Urzúa Grez
mailto:[email protected]
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