SavePassword Bookmarklet


A bookmarklet to manually trigger Opera's Save Password bar to appear.
This bookmarklet is intended to be used on login forms where Opera fails to present the Save Password bar when the form is submitted.
This bookmarklet may also work for any forms that has a password form field. e.g.: registration forms.

How It Works:

This bookmarklet asks the user to point to the form fields that will be included when the Save Password bar is shown.
Once all the fields are gathered, it creates a hidden form that Password Manager can detect,
then it simulates a form submission which will trigger the Save Password bar to be shown. No actual data will be sent.

Installation (as toolbar button):

Drag the above SavePassword link onto any Opera toolbar, and hold the SHIFT key before dropping the link.
To start dragging a link, click and hold the left mouse button on the link, then move the mouse forward or backward.
If you don't see the link, enable JavaScript and reload this page.


  1. Open the login web page and enter the login details.
  2. Click the SavePassword toolbar button. A dialog with instruction will be displayed.
  3. Click the OK on the dialog to dismiss it.
  4. Click on a non empty password box of the login form.
To deactivate the bookmarklet, click the SavePassword toolbar button again or press the ESC key. When no dialog is being shown.


"JJ"<>; 2013-10-06.