Website Idea - PolishedbyAl

Summary - I want to create a website for my best friend who just started her career as a nail tech. It will be a site where people can learn about what she does as well as schedule appointments with her

Content - I will put images of the work she has done on so people will know what they are getting. I will also talk to her and see what kind of information she needs her clients and potential clients to know, like pricing, times and availability.

Competition - Her main competition is a nail salon called Bliss Powder Nail Bar. They have a terrible website that is confusing and has low quality photos. They don't have any examples of work they've done and the only way to schedule an appointment is to call their number or go into the salon. This is how most nail salons are in the area, I couldn't even find one with their own website to schedule on, so that will be unique and convinient for her. I do like the idea of having an about us tab to let which most nail salon websites have. It would be a good way for the clients to get to know her better and feel more comfortable before going into their appointment.

Purpose - I will be going into the same field as her in the summer, so it will be good practice so I can make my own website eventually. And she has been telling me about how many problems her scheduling app has been having. It would make her life easier as well as make it easier for her to become more well-known.

Desired Results - The goal of this site is that people will be able to see the work she does and want to get their nails done too. It will be easy so they can schedule on the site rather then try to find her contact information and go through the scheduling app she pays for.

Target Audience - The target audience of right now is people in Utah county or around that area, but eventually she wants to be available to people from all over Utah. The people that will be viewing the site are women from about the age of 15 and all the way up.