Fish Haven

Summary - This website will sell live plants, fish, and other things that a person would need for an aquarium.

Content - I can get pictures of the plants, fish, and other products off google image. Plus, I can research the products to provide a description of them.

Competition - I really like the colors on their website and how they have a menu on the left hand side. The images are all high resolution which I like. They for the most part only sell aquarium plants online. This site focuses on live fish for sale. I don’t like that there is very little color on the site. The reason why is it just seems bland to me. The menu that they have is easy to read and makes it quick at finding what you are looking for. /

Purpose - The purpose of this site is to sell whatever a aquarist would need to setup up a new aquarium or update an existing one.

Desired Results - My desired results for this site is for customers to find what they are looking easily and to provide information about the item. So that they can have a good experience shopping on the site.

Target Audience - For the most part the target audience will be people interested in or currently in the aquarium hobby. They could be located all over the country. The aquarium hobby is really diverse, and I cannot think of a certain type of person or group of people.