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Seattle, Washington - October 24, 1930 - Margaret (Walker) Thomas, wife of photographer, Edward Moore, gave birth to one of the finest American pulp writers to ever stomp the terra: Jack William Thomas. Twenty years later, their prodigy would enter the United States Navy and serve until his honorable discharge in 1954.

Straight from the military, and into college, Thomas graduated Magna Mia Culpa with a B.A. from the University of Arizona in 1957.

He spent 1958 relaxing and traveling through Europe and Mexico.

From 1959 through 1962, Thomas worked as a free-lance screenplay writer penning Lone Texan 1959, Thirteen Fighting Men 1960, 20,000 Eyes 1961, Francis of Assisi 1961, and We'll Bury You 1962--all for Twentieth Century Fox.

Along with a little extra cash, (not a bad thing to have in Hollywood), came the ladies. Thomas took a bride (Cathleen F. Cagney) on February 17, 1962. Jack and Cathleen produced two children: Verney Lee and Christina May.

During a nine month Egyptian vacation in 1964, Thomas wrote a script for the documentary, Nine Bows to Conquer. Having spent most of his royalties abroad, Thomson figured he should look for a more steady source of income. That same year he established his new profession: probation officer in Los Angeles, California.

During his six years as a Los Angeles County probation officer, Jack William Thomas would hear, see, and document hundreds of urban teen nightmares that would eventually translate into eleven of the most intense and sought after pulp fiction books ever written. Quoted in Sidelights, Thomas told the interviewer, "My experience as a probation officer made me aware of the abuse of drugs in many young people's lives. I try to inject anti-drug themes into my books without making it propaganda." I'm sure no pun was intended.

Jack W. Thomas spent the next fifteen years pounding out the gritty series for Bantam books (pictured above) exploring the world of the 1970's teenage delinquent. His books have been translated into five languages and have sold over 1.5 million copies. He also took time out in 1976 to write one more screenplay for 20th Century Fox based on his story Embryo.

He currently lives in Palm Springs and is interviewing discriminating publishers to release his latest novel: Fire-rock, Live-finger.


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