The Golden Plaques of Pyrgi


Here is a closer look at the golden plaques, their drawings, transcription and an attempt of translation:






  transcription of the Etruscan text:                                attempt of translation:

 ita tmia icac he                                                            This sanctuary and these statues were

 ramasva [.] vatieche                                                     dedicated to Uni-Astre (=Uni Astarte).

 unialastres themia                                                        Caring for this on his own account, The-

 sa . mech thuta thefa                                                    farie Veliana..........., (as) an official of

 riei . velianas . sal                                                        the first place (rank)...........thus (be-

 cluvenias turu                                                               cause?) three years..........

 ce munistas thuvas                                                       thus (because?) of the house of the

 tamaresca . ilacve                                                        zilac (=praetor).........

 tulerase nac ci avi                                                        and (may) thus the years of the statues

 churvar tesiameit                                                          (be as numerous) as the stars up here.

 ale . ilacve als'ase

 nac . atranes zilac

 al seleitala . acnasu

 ers itanim heram

 ve avil eniaca pul



Explanation of translation:

The text can only be translated partially, because of the uncertainty of meaning of some words. The following is a comment on some of the words translated:


tmia:    "sanctuary", "house"

heramasva:    "statues"?

vatieche:    3rd plural pass. of the verb "vat-", "to dedicate"

themiasa: part.praes. of "themia", "to care for/of"

mech thuta: "own affair", "own cost/account"

thuvas: "of the first"?

tamaresca: "-master" of some kind/"official"

atranes: "house"/"home"

eniaca: " just as"/"like"?

pulumchva: "stars"?



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