Website Idea -

Summary - This website will contain the contents regarding everything that someone needs to know about Braun Carpet Cleaning as a service.

Content - The website will include originally recorded videos and images from previous jobs. The text will explain everything that someone needs to know before buying the service.

Competition - 1. ZeroRez company from St. George has good visuals on their website but lacks sufficent before and after photos. 2. GreenWay company from Las Vegas has really good written reviews from past customers on their site. The visuals on GreenWays site could be a little bit more professional. 3. Triple J Carpet Cleaning from Las Vegas has the best site that I researched. The visuals on the website are clear and well organized. The text on theor site explains the process well and actually shows what they offer.

Purpose - Elements and layout within the site should draw users to understand the service. The site will be able to visually show how the service is performed as well as explained through text.

Desired Results - Users should be able to easily answer any questions that they have about the service just by visiting the website.

Target Audience - The target audience of people who will visit this site could be any homeowner, but more specifcally, homeowners in the upper middle class and beyond. Customers who buy this service are not poor. Rental property owners and older folks are the main cleint base. In addition to that, resturant and other business owners will vist the site to find that we offer commercial services too.