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From: Jusuf Achmad

To: [email protected] ; Carla Rueckert ; Scott Mandelker ; [email protected]

Sent: Monday, July 15, 2002 3:30 PM

Subject: The meaning of life.


Greetings from the One Infinite Creator, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

May peace be always upon us,

This is the third year since my reality changed dramatically when I first
read Zetatalk and then Ra Materials - Law of One, and many other sites
before, between and after those two encounters (both spiritual and
conspiracy sites).  Now I am on my own, as my original thoughts unveiled.

We were all used to be one with the One Infinite Creator, that means we all
had infinite of everything.  So no one felt inferior nor superior, no
confusion, because we had no limitation.  How many entities the Infinite
Creator made? Of course infinite, but we were always felt as One, never in
separation with the One.  We saw the One Infinite Creator as Ar-Rahman,
always giving with unconditional love, only one face that we could see,
because we were infinite as the Creator.  We all got infinite of everything
without doing anything.  Now why are we here in this finite world or this
confusing reality (although the universe considered as infinite, is still
seen as finite to many depending on how we see it)?

We are all here to learn and experience what is the opposite of infinity,
what is limitation, what is confusion.  Who instructed us to learn all
these?  Us and the One Infinite Creator, because we were One in the
beginning.  Our thoughts were His thoughts, His thoughts were ours, no
separation.  But I think the initiator were from our side, we wanted to give
Him something in return as a token of our unconditional love to Him.  In
other words it is in our own free will that we all veiled most our infinite
abilities.  But some were leaking in forms of:  beauty, powerful minds,
great strengths, unconditionally loving and etc.

We decided to evolved from nothingness and gradually to a higher
consciousness and at last become one again with the One Infinite Creator.
The added values are in the experiences we encountered along the way.  In
other words everybody is successful in his/her mission, because everybody
experience the superiority, inferiority and confusion in some form.  Put it
in another way is that the experience of separation is an added value,
something that never been experienced before.  The experiences will be
shared to all,
because ALL IS ONE anyway.

With this knowledge I believe that the End Time is near, very near.  Let's
celebrate this end time with happiness, joy and especially in peace, because
everybody wins no
one loose.  Forgive ourselves, forgive others, try to remember our original
thoughts, we always love each other, we are infinite, we are One.

Jusuf Achmad


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