Javelin Pictures - Historic File ( PAGE 3 OF 3 )

This is a collection of Pictures of Javelin Throwers during competition and training

Javelin Training
March 1931  Mitcham, Surrey, London, England, UK

P.S. Cullen, Javelin Thrower
July 1937 London, England, U

Edith  Mendyka was born in Berlin, Germany in 1910. Throwing the Javelin at Glendale College 1954 CA USA

Karen Huff - Edith Mendyka Daugther at age 19.  (1961)

This Picture  was taken in 1956. The Athlete is Dagoberto Gonzalez (Colombia S.A.), He learn the Javelin technique from a German Coach his personal best was 65 Meters in the Javelin Throw .

Jirit Player Armed With a Javelin
1990-1996 Turkey The competitors in a jirit game throw javelins  while on horseback

Cory Everson Throwing the Javelin
From the TV series Hercules

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