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Product Version Info 1.5
Description View, export and import version info of executable files
Created Apr 19, 2001
Last update Feb 19, 2005
OS Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Server 2003
Limitations Import option and 'Memory on Demand' available only if using Windows NT, 2000 or XP.
Details This utility program will view, export and import version info of executable files.  It completely supports multilingual version info structures (Windows file properties dialog does not show multiple languages).  Files can be open by using 'Open file' dialog box, history list or using mouse drag and drop.  Program uses 'Memory on demand' technology and consumes on idle only about 290 KB (180 KB minimized) 

Next file types are supported:

Application (*.exe)
MS-DOS application (*.com)
Application extension (*.dll)
Screen saver (*.scr)
Device driver (*.drv)
System driver (*.sys)
Audio compression manager driver (*.acm)
Audio/Video codec (*.ax)
Service provider (*.tsp)
Type library (*.tlb)
ActiveX control (*.ocx)
Object library (*.olb)
Control panel library (*.cpl)
Font (*.fon)
Borland package (*.bpl)
Delphi package (*.dpl)

Usage Run VerInfo.exe and click ... button, select file you want - program will show version information if it exists. Alternatively you can drag and drop files from Windows shell.

To install unzip zip file to any folder on your hard drive. To uninstall delete unzipped during install files, VerInfo.ini and that is it.  Utility does not create any registry entries.

History Apr 16, 2001 - Ver 1.0 - first release
Jun 10, 2001 - Ver 1.1 - added import/export
Dec 16, 2001 - Ver 1.1 - bug fixing + first public release
Aug 27, 2002 - Ver 1.2 - added OleSelfRegister key + new icon
Aug 18, 2003 - Ver 1.3 - user interface update
Jan 26, 2004 - Ver 1.4 - bug fixing
Feb 19, 2005 - Ver 1.5 - added detection of .NET assemblies
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