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FontEdit ][ is a dual text font editor. You can create, edit or test fonts from 1 line to 32 in text mode. By having two simultaneous fonts you can copy from one to another. This application was uploaded to the Simtel site in 1994.


  • Dual font editor.

  • Support for 80x25 and 80x50 text-screen modes.

  • Fonts can be saved as:

    • FNT font (raw) format.

    • COM executable file (sets the font).

    • TSR only text mode (sets and keeps the font).

    • TSR text and graphic mode (sets and keeps the font).

    • x86 Assembler source code.

    • C source code.

    • Pascal source code.

  • Font-test screen.

  • Can fetch system and TSR fonts.

  • Customizable interface colors.

  • MS-DOS API documentation to interact with TSR fonts.

  • Includes the next additional utilities:

    • TSR Font Manager 1.5: Manages the currently installed TSR fonts.

    • FontCap 1.5: A TSR font capture utility.

    • SetFont 2.01: A font installer utility.

    • ViewFont 1.0: A font viewer utility.


 FontEdit ][ screenshot    FontEdit ][ screenshot


 Download FontEdit ][ FontEdit ][ version 2.0 (144 KBytes).
 Download FontEdit ][ font collection FontEdit ][ font collection (175 KBytes).

 Download FontEdit ][ FontEdit ][ version 1.0 (88 KBytes).

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