Island of IST near Zadar , Dalmatia , Croatia

IST is one of the islands of the Zadar archipelago and it is situated north of the island Molat. It is connected with the mainland with the ferry lines via Zadar. A small marina makes Ist one of the most popular destinations of navigation experts. On the island there are mostly sandy beaches, and we recommend Ist to all those who want to spend a peaceful, private vacation enjoying nature.Ist, surrounded by olive gardens, vineyards and hillocks, is located in the Zadar archipelago. This island makes for a perfect peaceful holiday destination in pristine nature where car traffic is not allowed. It is 21 nautical miles away from Zadar and is connected to it via ferry transportation. The waters surrounding the island are rich with fish and other marine flora and fauna which attract fishermen and divers from around the world. There are marines in gulfs Ista and Mljake. On top of the hill Staža there is a lookout and the Church of Our Lady of Good Health. The restaurants offer a wide variety of seafood delicacies, domestic wine, oil and cheese. A gorgeous sand beach is located in the very middle of the island, and if you are looking for some shades, there is a small pine forest nearby. Some of the recreational activities are beach volleyball, surfing, diving, fishing and you can also rent a boat or a kayak. Accommodation on the island Ist can be found in apartments, boarding houses and rooms in family houses.