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tOnE通訊這本中文刊物存在於民國八十五年前後,曾有一百五十位訂戶,內容是電子音樂器材,教學,編曲,及音樂時事,頭幾期是蒙巴薩和林志杰開始,創刊號只有一頁,在國父紀念館的熱門音樂大賽門外發送,後來林志杰改走其他的路,李奧加入,最後是章世和及黃浩倫出現,當時的定價是三十元一本,以下是僅存的的一些資料,以刊號排列。僅此向當時不計稿酬參與的先烈們致敬,這些文字的版權仍屬於原作者,如有引述或轉載,請告知本站。 :-)



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tOnE existed in 1996. It was the only Chinese magazine that covered electronic music ,gears, arranging, computer, and stuffs. Monbaza and Lin Chi-Je started it with the first issue which has just one double-side page. Lin left later. Leo came with help. A few months later Seho and Hwang How-Lung showed up. The price was 1.oo USD back then. It had 150 people circulation. Fun and old days really.....



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