Odinist and Proud

First Published in ORBriefing No.95 April 1990; Author unknown

2003 The Odinic Rite

Although our indigenous faith was never completely extinguished by the usurping Judeo/Christian cult, it is only the latter half of this century which has seen its overt practice publicly restored. As the desert creed begins to falter in our homelands, the 'pagan' resurgence grows, and there appears to be a desire among many 'pagans' to link up in a kind of pan-pagan movement.

We Odinists should treat this idea with extreme caution. There is much confusion behind the terms 'pagan' and 'heathen', and much of the desire to 'link up' stems from a lack of confidence or identity. The idea of 'strength in numbers' abounds.

Perhaps after centuries of suppression and false propaganda this 'lack of direction' is understandable, and the blanket term 'pagan' seems attractive cover. But remember 'paganism' describes a type of religion or faith, not a specific faith itself.

Ask a Hindu his faith and he will reply "I'm a Hindu." Ask a Shintoist, and he will name his faith, although they are both 'pagan' religions. Too many of the North European folk will reply, "I'm a pagan." This will tell the enquirer what you are not, not what you are.

This desire by some to merge may well be a hangover from Christianity - the broad idea being - one side international Judeo/Christianity, the other international Paganism. To us this is ridiculous. Our faith celebrates diversity. We believe each folk to have its own organic faith - their true and natural way. For our folk that faith is Odinism.

Yet, too many times a person will reject the alien Jaweh only to follow another alien deity or deities. This is rampant in those faiths which seem to be based mostly on magic and occultism, to the detriment of all other aspects.

Let us be honest. There are some who call themselves 'pagan' with whom we want no association at all, the inadequate or perverse who use 'paganism' as a mere excuse for their own deviant behaviour.

Then there are the butterflies who mix cosmologies and rituals as if they were making a cake, and we have, for instance, the glaring contradiction of 'Celtic Kabbalism'.

Remember also the egomaniacs, charlatans and tricksters. It is in their interest to see a 'one world' movement - it gives them a far larger market, andd this 'milling common mass' can be sold all manner of equipment and regalia.

Perhaps in an effort to distance themselves from the above unpleasant types, there are 'pagans' who try to 'out Christian the Christians', in terms of meekness and loving all mankind. They go so far out of their way to be nice that they end by becoming impotent.

While Odinists believe in freedom of religious expression, if something harms us, we oppose it. We do not deliberately offend others, but we will not compromise our holy faith. Neither will we adapt or betray our faith, Gods, ancestors, or folk to chase fleeting popularity or acceptance by a basically Judeo/Christian establishment.

Odinists do not suffer from lack of identity. Ours is an entire faith, with its own distinctions, its own history, its noble virtues and social ethic. It has its own mythology, folklore and magical path. Our faith is vital and strong. It would only suffer from linking with those who lack confidence.

Odinism is not an easy faith to follow - it calls for discipline, and an accepptance of personal responsibility. It is a faith worth striving for.

When next you are asked your faith, state it loud -

"I'm an Odinist, and proud!"



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