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Timoney MP44 Mine Protected Armoured Personnel Carrier
Timoney MP 44 Protoype
Copyright Timoney Technology Limited
The MP44 is as it's name implies a mine protected armoured personnel carrier/patrol vehicle. It is a spacious, highly manoeuvrable and comfortable  vehicle, thanks to it's al round independent suspension, offering a high level of ballistic protection, especially against mines. This combined with Timoney's ergonomically designed, high energy absorbing seats (reducing a 100g impact to a survivable 15g) makes this a very suitable vehicle for long patrols over any surfaces.

The MP44 formed the basis of Timoney's (along with Stewart and Stevenson and Perry Engineering) submission for Australia's Project Bushranger. Following a competition against vehicles from many parts of the world including South Africa, the Bushmaster, as it was known was deemed the winner and an the Australian Government placed an order for 350 vehicles (subsequently reduced to 299) and these are expected to begin to enter service in 2004.

The photo above shows an early prototype and the MP44 is now being offered with 4 windows each side.
Vehicle Specification
Crew 2+8 Driver and Commander/Gunner
Armament 5.56mm or 7.62mm Machine Gun Gun Ring for LMG/GPMG
Unladen Weight 12,435 Kgs .
Combat Weight 14,000 Kgs .
Length 6,544 mm .
Width 2,500 mm .
Height 2,600 mm Hull
Max. Speed 95 kph Open road
Max. Speed in Water . kph Fording (no preparation) 1,200 mm
Cruise Speed 85 kph .
Range 1,000Km Open road
Max. Vertical Step 1,000mm .
Max. Trench . .
Armour . .
Ballistic Protection 7.62 mm Ball All Round
Ballistic Protection 7.62 mm AP All Round Up Armour Option
Ballistic Protection 9.5 kg TNT Anywhere under the Vehicle
Engine Cummins 6C-350 EURO II 6 Cylinder 350 bhp/261Kw
Transmission Allison MD3066P 5 Speed Automatic
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