Rev. William E. Horley


1897 After over two years since the founding of Anglo-Chinese School, Ipoh by the late Rev.W.E. Horley in l895 with four boys and later a few girls, the girls were separated from the boys in mid-l896.
In l897 the "government officially recognised the school Mr. E.C. Hicks, C.E.O Perak, l958). Enrolment l6.
Miss Grace Towers was appointed as principal of Anglo-Chinese Girls' School, Ipoh.

Wesley Methodist Church, Ipoh
l898 ACGS moved over to the Wesley Church.

Tamil Church Manse, Ipoh
l90l ACGS moved over to the Old Post Office building (Tamil Church Manse).


Mrs. H.L.E. Luering became principal until 1904 and then succeeded by Mrs. Rutledge until 1911.


Miss Ethel Parks took over from Mrs. Rutledge and was followed by Miss Lydia Urech who was principal from 1911 until 1915.
Primary Building ACS, Ipoh
l9l4 ACGS used the ACS Primary Building (present Old Building of ACPS).

1916, 1920-1927

Miss Carrie C.Kenyon then became the principal.
  l9l8 Women's Foreign Missionary Service of USA "adopted" ACGS.
  l92l Girls could continue their Standard Seven in ACGS. Formerly they had to go to ACS after Standard Six.
  l923 First pupil to pass Senior Cambridge - Miss The Nya Sim. ACGS moved to Yau Tet Shin Building on Club Road (Infant Welfare Clinic).
  l925 ACGS moved into Grand Hotel (later known as Majestic Hotel, now demolished and made into Medan Kidd).

Aerial view of MGS, Ipoh 
l926 6 1/2 acres of land on Kampar Road purchased.
23rd May 1926 - Old Girls' Association formed. First Sports Meet.
Main Building
l927 December 20th, ACGS moved into present premises thus having a permanent home at last.
First Edition of "The Argosy" published.
  l930 House system introduced - Cavell, Crosby, Nightingale and Victoria.


Miss Thelma Ashley succeeded as principal.
  l933 Miss Florence Kleinhenn(Mrs. R.A. Kesselring) was appointed as principal followed by Miss Thirza E. Bunce until 1934.
School motto "Our Utmost for the Highest" adopted.
Kenyon Cottage
l934 Kenyon Cottage built.


Miss Virginia Lake became principal followed by Miss Gazelle Traeger in 1936 until 1941. Miss Edna Dahlin (Mrs. C. Foss) then succeeded as principal for a brief period in 1941.
  l937 Domestic Science introduced and a Domestic Science Room built.
  l94l Second World War - school used by Japanese Army.
  l945 lst October, school reopened. Miss D. Moreira became Principal.
  l950 8 new classrooms added.
Science Laboratories
l952 One Science Laboratory (present Chemistry Lab) and three classrooms built.
  l953 Prefectorial Board set up.
  l956 A house for Hostel bought (demolished in l970 to make way for the Recreation Hall). Land on 57 Chamberlain Road bought.
  l957 ACGS Primary Building built - 8 classrooms.
  l958 Separation of Primary and Secondary Schools. Domestic Science Block built. One classroom converted into a Physics Laboratory.
  l959 School uniform introduced. First Board of Governors meeting held. Name of school officially changed from ACGS to MGS.

The Connecting Block (Built in 1960)
l960 Miss Ann Harder became principal. Two offices were built over the porch of the Main Building. A needlework room and a classroom were built to link the Main Building and the New Block of l950.
  l963 Miss Ruth Ho AMN became principal.
First Aquatic Meet - at ACS Swimming Pool.
The Sanitary Block
l964 Ten classrooms, a canteen, a Music Room, Servants' Quarters and Toilets built. School Band formed.
  l965 Six classrooms, a Typing Room, an Art Room and a Needlework Room together with an air-conditioned Library built.
  l967 The new Physics and Biology Laboratories built.
  l970 Introduction of Integrated Science to Form One.
The Recreation Hall
l97l One floor added to the Science Block to house two Needlework Rooms. Recreation Hall built.
  l972 Introduction of Modern Mathematics to Form One.
  l973 Mrs. Gloriosa Rajendran became principal. Nuffield Science introduced in Form Four.


Miss Chong Nyuk Mui PJK was appointed as principal.
  l977 Development of a Resource Centre in the Library.
Number of pupils in Secondary School - l650 in 39 classes. Number of pupils in Primary School - l533 in 3l classes.

Canteen refloored

Angklung Band 
l988 Principal Miss Yin Kam Yoke, PPN succeeded Miss Chong Nyuk Mui PJK. Renovated various parts of school.
Built Living Skills Workshop. Set up Computer-in-Education Room. Canteen refloored.
Rewiring of school done.
Angklung Band formed.
School repainted.
Initiated to build a 2 storey 40' x 200' building.
goldenbook.jpg (8450 bytes) 2.8.1997 The centenary celebration was held.
  1.6.1998 Mrs. Lily Chin succeeded Miss Yin Kam Yoke, PPN as principal.
trinity3A.jpg (8450 bytes) 14.4.2000 The official opening of the Trinity Hall was held.


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