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From cartoon songs to loving hip hop

Music can cause different emotions. Good music can be memorable and meaningful. Before I became a celebrity, I already love music. Now I have the opportunity to express myself through music, and work around the media. This is definitely a good thing to me. Therefore, this issue I will talk about my goals in music.

I used to love cartoon songs
I feel very fortunate to be able to release an album in Hong Kong. A lot of friends had asked me before about music. Such as, "what kind of music did you like when you were little?" and "why did you become a singer?" I can tell everyone, that I like to listen to cartoon songs when I was little, like Doraemon and Walt Disney, the list goes on. Some of them were tapes that my mom rented, and others from TV. The songs that I really like are the ones that can "connect with" the cartoon. One of the cartoons talk about a mouse family and that is the most memorable of them all. Even though I can't recall the name of it, but I remember that there were all these "ding ding dong dong" music in the opening, and the effects were very interesting.



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When I grew up, I like hip hop
However, when I grew up, the music I listened to became broader. I like hip hop and R&B from my friend's recommendation. When I first listened to it, I was already feeling it. Each kind of music has a different taste into it. Hip hop will make you want to dance after listening to it. R&B makes you feel very "tasty," like red wine, in which you have to slowly enjoy it. Because few sing these two kinds of music  in Hong Kong, that's why I chose to approach this direction. So it's easy to see why people think this is dangerous. But I don't think it's true. Because the fans now can handle anything.

Naturally entered the media without plan
Also, a lot of people asked me if I had planned my entering the music industry in 2000. I can tell you all, that I did not plan when I would enter the media, when I would release my album. Everything just happened naturally. I was still in a testing and trying mod, when I was invited to be in a credit card's commercial directed by Leon Lai. I finally decided to get involve with the media when I did that commercial with Cecilia Cheng. At that time, I had so much to do, like learning martial arts, and singing and dancing. When you guys hear this, you might be scratching your head and thinking, why did he learn martial arts? Besides for the movie, Gen Y Cops,  it will also help me in the future for any action movies, and it'll help my dancing skills, too. There would not be an answer, if you were to ask me whether I like to sing or make movies better. Because I like them both, and both of them have a lot of opportunities for me. 

The most important thing is to be Edison Chen
I don't think things have changed much after I entered the media industry. I used to love to collect basketball cards before, but my interest in that is fading ever since I became a singer. On the other hand, I like to collect CDs now. I like to listen to any kind of CDs, rather it is native singers or foreign ones. And my work's principle is to do everything 100%. A lot of people have been saying that I have a lot of supporters, such as Jackie Chan and Leslie Cheng. But I think it all depends on whether I have put all my effort out. Because the person on stage singing, dancing is Edison Chen. Big Bro (Jackie Chan) and Bro (Leslie Cheng) are not going to replace my performance on stage. That's why I'm going to take advantage of everything before me.

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