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Click of Death Class Action Lawsuit Filed 9/10/98
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The Purpose of this Web Site:
This page allows those who have experienced problems with Iomega products to express their problems and complaints.

Last year, the Click of Death was known among a only few people, and many thought it was rumor. Since the introduction of the UICD Home Page at the beginning of 1998, tens of thousands of people from America to Zimbabwe have learned of this very real problem. This site is here to let average consumers make their voice heard.

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What is the "Click of Death" problem?
Also known as "Click Death" and "Whacked Drive", the "Click of Death" has been suspected to affect Iomega Zip drives and disks which are compatible with such drives. Some users of the Iomega Jaz drive have also reported having similar problems, although not as commonly.

The problem has been notoriously called Click of Death because Iomega Zip drives first start making clicking sounds persistently. This clicking sounds occur as the Zip drive repeatedly tries to read the disk unsuccessfully. It is also feared that a Zip drive with Click of Death may spread its problem to other Zip drives when an affected disk is shared with others. The signs of Click of Death may include a combination of the following symptoms:

At this moment there seems to be NO definite solution or fix to the Click of Death. If you think your have a fix, email the Webmaster. If you think you have experienced Click of Death, email the Webmaster.

Unsolved Iomega Mysteries
1. Iomega claims that the cause of Click of Death is a broken head or torn or erased disks. Why is it that many consumers are reporting this problem within one month (or even the first day) of ownership.

2. Why doesn't Iomega provide technical support without asking for a credit card?

3. Being such a well known company with mission critical products (essential for daily operation), why doesn't Iomega offer email technical support? Currently there is no way to reach Iomega for tech. support through email.

4. Isn't it mysterious that Iomega originally named its new storage medium none other than "Clik!", but later had to rename it to "PocketZip"?

Tell the Webmaster your Iomega Unsolved Mystery.

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