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Does your Zip drive also have the "Click of Death"? Do you have problems using your Iomega product? Maybe you love Iomega and want to say that? Or maybe you just want to contact the Webmaster and tell him what you think of the U.I.C.D. Home Page?

Well don't just sit there! Fill in the blanks below and make your voice heard...

Most responses will be included in the U.I.C.D. Report and the best responses will be included in the U.I.C.D. Mailing List. Specific private information on drives (serial no., etc.) will not be released and will only be used to find a pattern in problems.

If you just want to ask a question to other readers of this site, go to the
U.I.C.D. Message Board. It is the best way to post information for everyone to see.


If this form doesn't work, you can get in touch directly with the Webmaster below:

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