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Flag of the Free Vinland Republic.
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Free Vinland Republic.
The Free Vinland Republic, located on the island of New Vinland in the northern Atlantic, was originally settled by European and Occussian farmers, and became a colony of Occussi-Ambeno. It won independence in 1993. Today, it is a largely self-sufficient country, and pursues a policy of supporting human and animal rights worldaround, and not being over prolific in stamp issuing, unlike many other wallpaper publishers. 

In 1998, this stamp was issued to
celebrate Year of the Tiger.
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An Arab printing press
is shown on this stamp.
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 The President of the Free Vinland Republic, Miss Henrietta Vinsangh, has issued a statement on the recent attack on the World Trade Center. The statement made the day following the attack expresses condolences to the survivors, and urges calm thinking for all.
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1995, Year of the Pig, a set of two stamps, mint.

2000, Vinrail opening, a set of two stamps, mint.

2000, Honoring T. Michael Bidner, mailart pioneer, mint.     Richard Pearse flight, 60 cents.
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