Personality by Blood Type

When it comes to dating and relationships in the West, a common icebreaker is "What's your (astrological) sign?" You might imagine that since Japan follows the Chinese zodiac, the equivalent might be "What's your (Chinese zodiac) sign?" WRONG! The most common icebreaker in Japan is "What's your blood type?

What is Ketsuekigata?

Ketsuekigata is the study of personality analysis by blood type. It has become a nearly indispensible part of Japanese popular culture. Most of Japanese women and members of the younger generation believe that there is some correlation between blood type and personality.

Nearly every Japanese person knows what his or her own blood type is. Further, many of them know which blood types are compatable to their own. The Japanese believe that platonic, and especially romantic compatability between individuals can be determined by blood type. It is rumored that some companies even hire based on Ketsuekigata.

What is Your Blood Type?

As you probably already know, there are four blood types: A, B, AB, and O. What you probably do NOT know are the personality stereotypes associated with each blood type. In Japan, there are volumes of books devoted to Ketsuekigata. The following are brief personality analyses by blood type.

Fun with Ketsuekigata

A Japanese friend of mine had the uncanny ability to correctly guess someone's blood type even after she had just met them. She would alway say, "Ketsuekigata atete mimashou ka?" or "Would you like me to guess your blood type?" You know, she was always right.

Be sure to look up your blood type and read up on Ketsuekigata analysis by clicking on the items in the column at the right. Do not be surprised if your Japanese friends ask you what your blood type is. They are not vampires!

Type A

A-gata or blood type A personalities are the cautious, loyal introverts.

Speaking broadly, it is said that people with Type A Blood are calm, composed, and
very level-headed and serious. They have a firm character, and are reliable and
trustworthy (and hardheaded). They think things over and make plans deliberately, and
they plug away at things steadily and assiduously. They try to make themselves more
like their own ideal of what they should be. A Types may look aloof or distant to others.
They try to suppress their own emotions, and because they have continual practice in
doing this, this makes them appear strong. But, actually, they have a fragile, nervous
side, as well. They tend to be hard on people who are not of the same type, and so they
consequently tend to be surrounded with people of the same temperament.

Type B

B-gata or blood type B personalities are the cheerful, adventurous egocentrics.

People with Type B Blood are curious about and interested in everything. That's may be
good, but they also tend to have too many interests and hobbies, and they tend to get
all excited about something suddenly and then later drop it again just as quickly. But
they do manage to know which of their many interests or loved ones are the ones that
are really important, the ones they should hold on to. B Types tend to excel in things
rather than just be average. But they tend to be so involved in their own world or become
so carried away with something that they neglect other things. They have the image of
being bright and cheerful, full of energy and enthusiasm, but some people think that they
are really quite different on the inside. And it can also be said about them that they don't
really want to have much real contact with others.

Type O

O-gata or blood type O personalities are the sociable, dramatic overachievers.

Type O Blood people are said to set the mood for a group and to take on the role of
creating harmony among its members. Their image is one of taking it easy, of being
peaceful and carefree. They are also thought to be big-hearted and benevolent, and they
tend to spend money on others generously. O Types are generally "loved by all." But,
they also, surprisingly, have a stubborn and strong-willed side, as well, and tend to
secretly have their own opinions on things. On the other hand, they have the flexible,
adaptable side of readily accepting new things. They are easily influenced by other
people or by what they see on TV. They seem to appear level-headed and trustworthy,
but they often slip and make big blunders inadvertently. But that is also the point that
makes O Types lovable.

Type AB

AB-gata or blood type AB personalities are the instinctive, easy-going diplomats.

People with Type AB Blood are said to have a delicate sensitivity. They are considerate
of other people's feelings and deal with them with care and caution. On the other hand,
though, they are strict with themselves and those close to them. They, therefore, seem
to have two personalities: one for those "outside," and another for people on the "inside."
They often become sentimental, and they tend to think too deeply about things. AB
Types have a lot of friends, but they need time to be alone and think things through, as

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