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Are you in the southeast Ohio area and curious or interested in nudism/naturism activities, locations or lifestyle?

If so, please feel free to join our "Athens Ohio Nudists" Yahoo group, a "pure" nudist group, for general information, communication, possible gatherings, events, locations, rentals, etc:

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The group was started by former OU students and is slowly growing. Thanks for your interest!


This website is for nudists, naturists, or those curious about the lifestyle in the Athens, Ohio and southeast Ohio area.

Many people are curious or would like to try nude activity, but do not know where or how. While there are presently no nudist resorts in Athens county, there are some possibilities. We'd like to gather and post all known locations and ideas for getting nude in the Athens area. If anyone knows of any nudist/naturist resorts in the area (Albany, Nelsonville, The Plains, jackson or others areas of southeast Ohio, let us know and we'll share the information on this site.

A Little About Nudism/Naturism

There is a wide spectrum of types of people you might call nudists or naturists. Some people are scared to death to be nude outside the shower. To a nudist, this seem like unnecessary self-oppression. "Why go through life in misery" a nudist might ask. At the other end of the spectrum are those who hate clothes and live nude most of the time if they can. The reasons for getting nude are varied, but can include simply enjoying the forbidden freedom, the health of it, or the feeling of getting away with something. Somewhere in the middle lies most people... who may not be nude outside the shower and intimate activity, but would not object to others enjoying nudity in private or at a remote nudist resort. While these folks have a varying mix of attitudes, many at least imagine the utopia-like state of a nudist colony, which they may never muster the bravery to visit. Many people have at least "skinny-dipped" a couple times in their lives, often as a high school or college student. While they wouldn't consider themselves a nudist or naturist, they have, in fact, violated an American taboo! There are some who are a little more brave, who may try a nude beach if they are very far from home - like someplace in the caribbean or France. Somehow, in their minds, they can muster up the bravery if they have a near zero chance of running into somebody they know and someplace where it may be acceptable, or where they do not feel found by U.S. mainstream culture. What's that saying... "When in Rome... do as the Romans do"? To us nudists/naturists, this seems very oppressive - to only enjoy outdoor nudity when on the other side of the planet. The type you would call a nudist or naturist has decided this taboo is one not worth fearing or respecting. They have seen the health and phsychological benefits, and have seen that the world does not somehow end, if you get nude outside of mainstream norms. They feel enlightened and empowered, and cannot imagine keeping their clothes on all the times, like others do.

The Nudist/Naturist in American Culture

There is a awareness, even in the minds of the U.S. mainstream of the "nudist colony" or "nudist camp" idea. Most of these people have never been to one or even known of anyone who has visited one. People get the idea from the media - movies, books, the authors of which have often not even visited a nudist resort. It is interesting that, even though most Americans have not visited a nudist resort or nude beach, they seem to want to imagine that such a place exists. Again, it's as if they want to imagine it exists, but don't have the bravery to seek it out or to try it. Certain areas of the USA have better nudist opportunities than others. California and Florida are hotspots, and some states are apparently more open that others.

About Nudism/Naturism in the Athens, Ohio /southeast Ohio Area

Ohio seems about average (as far as cultural acceptance and legal freedom), and due to the more free-thinking atmosphere of Athens (Ohio University) and Hocking College, there is more of a demand per capita here than most parts of the country. While there have probably been unofficial, secret "skinny-dipping" spots in the Athens area forever, I have knowledge of a few places recently used. The most well-known was a secluded lake, surrounded by hilly forests - called "Golganooza" by the students/hippies and "2-9" rezzi ("rezzi" being short for "reservoir"). There was often a 50/50 gender balance and most of the attendees were OU or Hocking College students. The gender balance and tyical age were most unusual for an American nudist location. It was a wonderful location, where students would study, sunbathe nude, swim nude, hike nude and carry on intellectual conversations nude. However the former owner died in the 1990's and now the lake is no longer avialble to the public. I have heard rumors of students sunbathing nude at Stroud's Run, as well as Pratt's Fork. I'm not sure about the privacy or legality of these places, but people will do what they have to do when there is no official place to get naked. There are a couple of "clothing-optional" resorts near Logan (the Hocking Hills area). I have not been to either one yet. One sounds too expensive to me. The other I have not heard good things about.

Be sure to click the link and join our Athens, Ohio nudist group on Yahoo for the latest information. We'll try to keep people informed of nudist and naturist opportunities and resources in southeast Ohio. Any discovery of an area nudist club, location, or other organization will be passed on to you. Let us know if you have any information to share!

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