"Gambling: The Martians gamble at Jetan in several ways. Of course the outcome of the game indicates to whom the main stake belongs; but they also put a price upon the head of each piece, according to its value, and for each piece that a player loses he pays its value to his opponent."(APPENDIX)

The following is merely suggestive and not to be considered orthodox rules. The players of each game are advised to establish these values before play and stick to them throughout the tournament.

Price suggestions:(use tokens as currency)


Total-48 tokens.


At the start of the game, each player puts up the value of the pieces. If the player does not have the full value, a truncated force may be played. (For example: a player only has 40 tokens and may opt to play without Dwars) The player must have the Chief, the Princess and least two other pieces to play.

As the game progresses, a player may withdraw from the ante the amount equal to the value of the piece which the player captures. Upon winning, the player claims the remainder of the ante. Upon a draw, the ante is combined with the next game's ante. There are potential situations where a player my lose the game but claim the most from the ante.


There is no ante at the start of the game. When a player moves the piece onto a square occupied by one of the opponent's, they proceed to the duel.

Dueling of pieces can be simulated by the throw of dice. Each player throws the dice and adds the value of their throw to the value of their piece. The player with the highest value wins and takes the square and prize.

Example: The attacker antes the value of the piece and rolls the required dice, paying the ante of the dice value. The defender antes the value of the piece and rolls the required dice, paying the ante of the dice value.

This may be a single throw of a die, a single throw of two dice, best two out of three, etc.


There is no ante at the start of the game but there is bounty for captured pieces. Each player must pay 1 token to move a piece on the turn. The player may opt to pass.

The game ends in the normal way or when one player passes twice in a row. If the game ends with passing, the non-passing player is considered the winner and claims the pot.

(This type of wager game is fast and furious. Since the moves are limited by the players tokens, captures assure future moves. Dueling can be combined with this version to further spice the play.)

Since Jetan is a game of wagers, it is highly recommended that the players treat it in such way.

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