The Calot is not a standard piece of Jetan. I present it here as a possible addition to this game. The Calot is the Martian warhound, used by the armed forces to wreck havoc at the onset of combat.

Upon the board, I suggest that ten Calots be placed on the row in front of the Thoats and Panthans. This will reduce the distance between the two forces to merely four rows, similarly to European Chess.

All Calots move one square forward diagonal and one square backward orthogonal. The Chained Calot also moves one square forward orthogonal. The Free Calot can move up to two squares forward orthogonal. The Wild Calot can move up to two squares forward orthogonal and can jump to the second orthogonal square.




The Calot piece is only a suggestion. If you use this piece let me know what you think. I am considering other pieces, i.e...

The Banth, a neutral piece, which can only be controlled by a Princess. It can only be moved by the player anywhere within the 7x7 area of the Princess and will capture by igui move. It cannot capture a Princess. If it falls within the control area of both Princesses, either player may move it. It replaces the Princess' Panthan.

The Sith, a neutral piece controlled by either player, which makes a two space jump in any orthogonal direction. Several of these make for interesting gameplay. Four are place on the central squares.

The Sorak, two for each side, placed in front of the Chief's and Princess' Panthans. It moves and captures only one space diagonally.

The Gorthan which is one panthan on each side which has been secretly marked and mixed among the other panthans at the start of play, it moves and attacks like the other panthans but cannot be captured. Any piece which tries to capture it is removed from the board. If a Chief tries to capture the Gorthan, the game is drawn. If one Gorthan attacks the other Gorthan, both are removed from the board. The Gorthan cannot capture the Princess.



Face of Mars

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