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Silambam Association of Malaysia

The Silambam Academy of Malaysia is making an effort to revive silambam, an ancient form of martial arts originating from India.Silambam is a game between two contestants of the same weight category, using a staff as the weapon. The objective is to make as many ‘hits’ as possible within a prescribed time on the approved target areas on the opponent.

The person, who scores the most touches or dispossesses his opponent of his staff, is declared the winner.Silambam is popular as a form of recreation and entertainment among the Indian community in the estates during festive occasions.But it has never been taken seriously as a form of sport. Only in the last four years have there been effort to make silambam a popular sport in Malaysia.The first national silambam championship held in Kampung Pandan in June in Kuala Lumpur was a success with about 100 exponents taking part.The Silambam Academy, which is run by an independent body, has taken measures to promote the sport to all the various communities in the country.Formed in 1988, we now have 2,000 registered members and have established 62 silambam centres aroung the country.





Silambam involves two essential elements namely footwork and the use of a staff for blocking thrusts, chops, hits.There are a lot of conditioning exercises to help prepare silambam exponents sharpen their skills of knocking-off the staff from an opponent’s hands.Among the basic moves that a silambam exponent executes are twisting the body to parry blows from an opponent, evading an opponent’s thrusts and the shifting of legs to prepare for an attack.The essential and fundamental movements in attack, popularly known as "circles of 16, circles of 32 and circles of 64" or otherwise known as "Building a House" (Veedu Kattuthal) are the skills that have to be mastered initially.As in other forms of martial arts, silambam requires good skills, speed, agility and accuracy. The ability to predict an opponents next move is also vital in silambam.


The games is played on an even hard surface, which is usually circular. The radius of the ring shall not be less than 6.1m and not more than 7.6m.


The contest should between two opponents of the same weight category.


The staff should be a flexible or elastic cane of uniform thickness. The length varies from 5˝ feet to 5 ft 10 inches while the diameter is about 1 1/8 inch. The weight of the staff is about one pound.


The attire of contestants consists of a round-necked full-sleeved vest or a jersey, shorts, stockings, canvas shoes and hand gloves.


The safety equipment used are a head gear, face protector, chest-guard and abdominal guards.


A Contest consists of four rounds of a duration ranging from 6 to 10 minutes each.


The target areas for attack are any points on the body from head down to the feet with the exception of the eyes, mouth, nose, neck, and the groin areas. The back of the body from head to foot may also be the target of attack except the neck and the back of the head.


Five officials consisting of a chief judge and four assistants are appointed to control a contest. A contest is judged on the basis of touches made by a contestant at targets on an opponent. For identifying "hits", the ends of the staff are smeared with a sticky powder that leaves a strike mark on the opponent. Each valid touch on the front of the body of the opponent earns one point for the attacker, while every valid touch at targets on the back of the opponents earns two points.



Silambam Ring :

Silambam Ring is a circle of 24 feet diameter. Players have to play inside the Circle. If they come out of the ring, two minus marks will be awarded to them.

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Duration of Contest :

Silambam competition consist of three rounds. First round is of 2 minutes duration and the remaining two rounds are each of 1-1/2 of minutes duration.

First round is called ‘Individual Skill’. In this round, players will have to exhibit the defense as well as attack techniques. A maximum of 20 marks will be awarded to this round.

In the second and third rounds, players will have to fight with each other.

Parts to be Avoided :

Scoring Points :

Leg, Chest, Upperarm, Abdomen 1 Mark

Back, Buttocks 2 Marks

General Rules :

Players can score mark by touching with their stick on the above parts. They should not hit hard the other player.

If any player dislodges the stick from the other player, the players who dropped his stick will be declared as defeated. The other player will be declared as winner.

At the time of scoring marks, player will have to hold the stick with both his hands. One hand touch will not earn any point.


Weight Division :


Men: Sub-Junior

* Below 10 years


* Upto 30 Kg.

(Above 10 years but below 16 years)

* Above 30 Kg. Upto 40 Kg.


* Upto 52 Kg.

(Above 16 years)

* Above 52 Kg. Upto 56 Kg.


Women : * Below 10 years

* upto 25 Kg.

* Above 25 Kg. Upto 30 Kg.

* Above 30 Kg. Upto 35 Kg.

* Above 35 Kg. Upto 40 kg.

* Above 40 Kg. Upto 44 Kg.

* Above 44 Kg. Upto 48 Kg.


Officials / Referees Required to Conduct the Contest :


They award marks for first round (Individual Skill). In case of dispute in the other two rounds, they give decision.

He controls the game.

One referee will award mark to one player and the other referee will award mark to the other player.

Record the points in the black board.

They assist the scorer ibn the recording the points.

He controls the duration of the rounds.

He announces the results of the play and any other announcement if required.

Salient Aspects of Silambam :


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