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InterEcocentre was established in 1994 as Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). The InterEcocentre have got qualification  in  management, environmental  protection, international finance,  Ukrainian accounting, public awareness, procurement of goods,  consulting service and civil works, selection  and procurement of  radiotelephone systems, geographical  information systems etc.

All are familiar with the World Bank  procedures and guidelines to  implement and report the World Bank’s projects.

      InterEcocentre has been implementing a number of ecological grants and projects, which have been given by various international organizations and institutions.



World Bank’s projects Danube Delta Biodiversity Project

Danube Delta Biodiversity Project” (1995-1999, totaling 1.547,000 USD, completed). Grant beneficiary: MEPNS .

The project aims were to protect, study, restore and enhance the Ukrainian portion of the Danube delta ecosystems, to make a contribution to conserve the biodiversity within the delta. Project components may be summarised as follows:

(a) Institutional strengthening: the Project provides for the expansion and restructuring of Danube Plavni Reserve Authority (DPA), development and implementing effective management plans for protected areas in and around the delta, through training and technical assistance, and provision of infrastructure including an office and visitors center, construction of a house for the office, transport and scientific equipment and its maintenance, staff increase, focusing on nature reserve management (wardens), biosphere reserve development, wetland monitoring and research, public awareness and administration.

Strengthening the warden's section: training in patrolling and protected area management, provision of equipment, and field office and residential accommodation;


Strengthening monitoring: The monitoring framework for flora is comprised of three key activities including: (1) Ecosystem Surveys and Species Inventories, (2) Data Management, and (3) Resource-Use Management Plans.


Wetland restoration: restoration of natural habitats on the Danube Delta.


Public awareness and community involvement in protected area management both by DPA staff and non-governmental organizations.


Developing and implementing a program for protected area expansion and creation of a biosphere reserve through land use studies and using information provided from monitoring, and community participation.




World Bank’s projects Transcarpathian Biodiversity Protection Project

Transcarpathian Biodiversity Protection Project (1993-1997, totaling 584,000 USD, completed). Grant beneficiary: Ministry for Environmental Protection and Nuclear Safety of Ukraine (MEPNS).

It was the first grant and project for Ukraine given by the GEF through the World Bank

The project envisioned the fulfillment of the following objectives: Extension of the nature protected areas, Biodiversity Protection Research, Management Resources, Public Awareness, Education and Training.


Wetlands International’s projects

Interecocenter was signed agreement for implementation several project of Wetlands Internationals:

· Dnipro River corridor in Ukraine ( 06.2006)

· Towards Improved water management in Ukraine ( 09.2003)

· Development of a National Wetlands Strategy and Action Plan for Ukraine ( 04.2003)

· “Small rivers of Ukraine: public participation in conservation use (part 2) (04.2003)”,

· “Development of a National Wetlands Strategy and Action Plan for Ukraine, (04.2000)

· “Black Sea coastal wetlands”, “Central European Peatland Project” ( Second phase) (04.2004)

· Public participation in conservation and sustainable use of Small Rivers in Ukraine: support for the River Network in Ukraine (12.2002)

· Support the establishment of the Integrated Management Approach for the Sivash (09.2004)

· Enhancing the recognition of the socio-economic values of wetlands:Development of cases in the Black Sea region of Eastern Europe (12.2002)

· Natural values of the Bug river valley:state-threats-conservation (06.1999)

· “Support for the conservation of wetlands and wetlands species in the Azov-Black Sea region of Ukraine” (07.1999)

· “Small rivers of Ukraine: public participation in conservation use (04.2000)”,

· Central European Peatland Projects (02.2000)



TACIS ( through the International Waterfowl and Wetlands Research Bureau (IWRB): “ Wetlands research within the Black Sea region of the Ukraine

Compile existing available data on each of the wetlands within the Black Sea region of the Ukraine from the published literature, completed and ongoing research projects, individuals and other sources. Prepare a review of available data on the wetlands within the Black Sea region of the Ukraine which are considered to merit inclusion.



· Natural values of the Bug river valley: state – threats – conservation” (06.1999),


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