Please note: The following texts do not necessarily represent our opinion.
This is particularly applies to the political ones, which often contain much of the problematic
nature of modern civilisation.

The Golden Age
Sun worship (F. J. Los)
Kali Yuga and the Kalki avatar
The hindu doctrine of the castes (Rene Guenon)
A prophecy from the inner earth?
Al-faqr - 'Spiritual poverty' (Rene Guenon)
Fundamental Distinction between the "Self" and the "Ego" (Rene Guenon)
On the Islamic tradition (Julius Evola)
On Jihad and Holy War (Julius Evola)
Conversions (Rene Guenon)
Recovering a Visionary Geography (Ptolemy Tompkins)
Science and Civilization in Islam (Seyyed Hossein Nasr)
The Meaning and context of Zen (Julius Evola)
The Plurality and Duality of Civilisations (Julius Evola)
The Lord of the World (William Grimstad)
The Green Face (Gustav Meyrink)
Rene Guenon (Martin Lings)
A Note on René Guénon (Frithjof Schuon)
Frithjof Schuon and René Guénon (Martin Lings)
Norms and Paradoxes in Spiritual Alchemy (Frithjof Schuon)
The Relation of Hindu and Celtic Culture
Shivaism and Vishnuism (Rene Guenon)
Sufism and Neoplatonism
Introduction into Alchemy
The UR Group

The Crisis of the Modern World
Notes on the French Revolution (Charles Maurras)
The gnostic vision of Aquarianism (Abrasax)
Notes on the End of a World (Rene Guenon)
On the dark age (Julius Evola)
Who is Satan and where is hell? (Ananda Coomaraswamy)
The illusion of democracy (Rene Guenon)
The occult war (Julius Evola)
On Unseen Warfare (Charles Upton)
The Regression of the Castes (Julius Evola)
A few remarks on democracy (Corneliu Codreanu)
American 'Civilisation' (Julius Evola)
The primitive American mind (Revilo P. Oliver)
The misunderstandings of New Paganism (Julius Evola)
On the Secret of Degeneration (Julius Evola)
The Death of God and Nihilism (Friedrich Nietzsche)
The Revolt of the Masses (Jose Ortega y Gasset)
The Crowd (Gustave Le Bon)
The Conflict of Peoples and Classes (Gustave Le Bon)
The chief Features of the Revolution (Arnold Toynbee)
A Sociological View of the Decay of Modern Society (Alain de Benoist)
Our Doom (Oswald Spengler)
Reflections on Islam and Modern Life (Seyed Hossein Nasr)
The World’s Mastermind: the True Objectives of Globalization (Adrian Salbuchi)
The future of the West (Oswald Spengler)

The Revolt against the Modern World
The Path Toward the Sacred (Alain de Benoist)
The Legion Of Michael The Archangel (Corneliu Codreanu)
The beginnings of legionary life (Corneliu Codreanu)
Men Among the ruins (Troy Southgate)
Men Among the ruins (Martin Schwarz)
Warrior, Waldgaenger, Anarch (Abdalbarr Braun)
Between the Gods and the Titans (Alain de Benoist)

Philosophy and Metaphysics
Happiness is having Power (Friedrich Nietzsche)
The Will to Power (Friedrich Nietzsche)
Eternal recurrence (Friedrich Nietzsche)
Noble and Slave Moralities (Friedrich Nietzsche)
On Truth and Lie in an Extramoral Sense (Friedrich Nietzsche)
What is philosophy? (Jose Ortega y Gasset)
On Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic in History (Thomas Carlyle)
The futurist manifesto (Filippo Tomaso Marinetti)
Spengler: Criticism and Tribute (Revilo Oliver)
Spengler: An Introduction to His Life and Ideas (Keith Stimely)
Another turn of the wheel (Miguel Serrano)
A record of two friendships (Miguel Serrano)
The hermetic circle (Miguel Serrano)
C. G. Jung and Hermann Hasse (Miguel Serrano)
Carl Schmitt and Democracy (Paul Gottfried)

History and Metahistory
Organic View of History (Oswald Spengler)
The Aryans (Richard Hooker)
The cyclic view of history (Savitri Devi)
Julian the apostate and the death of the gods
Friedrich II. von Hohenstaufen
The History of the Knights Templar (Charles G. Addison)
Vesting of Authority (Oswald Spengler)
The Secret of Japan's Strength (Albrecht Fürst von Urach)
The European volunteer movement in World War II (Richard Landwehr)
The controversy of the occult Reich (John Roemer)
Nazis - And The Occult (M. Sabeheddin)

Geopolitics and Eurasia
The Eurasists and the State (Nikolay Alekseev)
Europe as far as Vladivostok (Jean Thiriart)
The Secret of Eurasia (Mehmet Sabaheddin)
The Concept of Großraum in Carl Schmitts Jurisprudence (Nikolai von Kreitor)
Sir Halford Mackinder, Geopolitics and Policymaking in the 21st Century (Christopher J. Fettweis)
Dreams of the Eurasian heartland (Charles Clover)
Mackinders World (Francis P. Sempa)
NATO and the Architects of the American Lebensraum (Nikolai von Kreitor)

Politics and Metapolitics
The Political Horizon (Oswald Spengler)
Fascism - Myth and Reality (Julius Evola)
Hitler and the Secret Societies (Julius Evola)
Knowledge and Therapy (Savitri Devi)
The last man against Time (Savitri Devi)
Christianity, Nietzscheanism, and Spengler's Doctrine of Caesarism (Oswald Mosley)
Bread and Justice (Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera)
Codreanu & the Iron Guard
The doctrine of fascism (Benito Mussolini)
Excerpts from speeches given by Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera
The Proclamation of London (Francis Parker Yockey)
Elections (Francis Parker Yockey)
Liberalism (Francis Parker Yockey)
The Nature of Politics (Francis Parker Yockey)
The World in Flames (Francis Parker Yockey)
The Destiny of America (Francis Parker Yockey)
The Tragedy of Youth (Francis Parker Yockey)
The Generation of the German Conservative Revolution
Oligarchy (Robert Michels)
3 World War II Broadcasts (Ezra Pound)
Aspects of the Immigration Crisis (Father James Thornton)
European Socialism (Sir Oswald Mosley)