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Regency Research Projects:


Names used  in Regency Era England: 

Taken from Peerages, Biographies, Name Books, and other sources.  



Taken from's UK Censuses(1841 thru 1901).  




Daily Diary Entry

source:  James Woodforde: The Diary of a Country Parson 1758-1802



Cost of Living for the Gentry Class in the Extended Regency Era:

Example de Jour:  1807--Pot of "Fine" Rouge- 2 shillings, 6 pence; "it is fashion to look pale; purchased pot for 1/2 crown" Source:  La Belle Assemble-Feb.1807.


Where to shop: 

Example de Jour:  Cloth/Clothing:  Newton.  Address:  Leicester Square.   In business:  1813.  Location:  London; sells fabric.   Source:  Jane Austen-Braburne.


Military Promotions: 

Example de Jour:  MacDonald, John(Sir)(?-1850):  Entered service- ?, Ensign-1795; Lieutenant-1796; Major-1805; Lieutenant-Colonel-1808; Colonel-1814; Major General-1825; Lieutenant General-1835.  Source:  Correspondence of the George, Prince of Wales--Aspinall



August 1814:  "Fashionable colours for the month continue the same as the last, with the exception of the pigeon's wing, a beautiful colour in shot silk; it is blue and pink and forms one of the most striking colours we have seen."  Source:  La Belle Assemblee


Latest Book Review:  Norfolk and Norwich Remembrancer and Vade-mecum by J.Matchett

Book published in 1822 and offered on Google books in PDF format.

Some scanning flaws where edges of page cut off, etc.

Events given from 1700 to 1821, covering a wide spectrum of information. Many notations of weather(floods, storms, etc), Sky occurances(Comets, meteors, and eclipses) are noted. Also important national events(birth, death of royalty, etc), dissolution of parliaments, elections, and the raising and disbanding of militias & regiments are given. The inclosure of commons, prices of commodities and various aspects of agriculture are noted. Extraordinary births and deaths are noted(much as we do today: multiple births-two sets of quads and people who lived to be over 100 are common). Entertainments(races, theatre, parties) are noted as well. The book concludes with lists and statistics. Lists of Bishops, Mayors, etc by year. Statistics of birth and death. There are lists of villages of Norfolk(and their distance from Norwich) along with a list of the direct/cross roads from Norwich to London.

All in all this book would be useful for anyone who wants a basic overview of the events significant to the County of Norfolk. The scanning flaws may create some frustration if it coincides with a particular date of interest, but this book can provide to a writer, useable and interesting tidbits of information to incorporate in their novel or even for a reenactor who wanted "gossip" to discuss during an event. .

Pending Book: Lady Palmerston and her Times  



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