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Main Theme: “I Don’t Want to Wait” by Paula Cole

Season 1 Music


Episode: Pilot
"Hey Pretty Girl" - BoDeans

"As I Lay Me Down" - Sophie B. Hawkins

"Tubthumping" - Chumbawamba

"Mercy Me" - Say-So

"Good Mother" - Jann Arden

"I'll Stand By You" - The Pretenders


Episode: Dance
"Am I Cool" - Nowhere Blossoms

"Flames Of Truth" - Sarah Masen

"I Want You" - Savage Garden

"Happiness" - Abra Moore

"Ooh Ahh...Just A Little Bit" - Gina G

"Pretty Strange" - Paul Chiten

"Apple" - The Autumns

"But You" - Paul Chiten

"You Don't Know Me" - Jann Arden


Episode Kiss
"First Time" - Billie Myers

"Kingdom" - The Slugs

"Too Many Times" - Wake Ooloo

"The Right Place" - Eddi Reader

"Pretty Deep" - Tanya Donelly

"All I Want" - Toad The Wet Sprocket

"I'll Remember You" - Sophie Zelmani

"What Would Happen" - Meredith Brooks


Episode Discovery
"Beautiful Thing" - Kyf Brewer

"Top Of Morning" - The Hang Ups

"I Know" - Barenaked Ladies

"Amnesia" - Toad The Wet Sprocket

"World Outside" - The Devlins

"That's What Love Can Do" - Tom Snow

"Stand By Me" - Say-So

"Full Of Grace" - Sarah McLachlan

Episode Hurricane
"Healing Hands" - Marc Cohn
"It's The End Of The World..." - R.E.M.

Episode Baby
"Sitting On Top Of The World" - Amanda Marshall
"Insecuriosity" - Andrew Dorff

"All I Want" - Susanna Hoffs

"Seven Shades Of Blue" - Beth Nielsen Chapman


Episode Detention
"Stupid" - Chickenpox
"Saturday" - Colony

"A Lot Like You" - Colony

"Grace" - Michelle Malone

"Will Tomorrow Ever Come" - Dance Hall Crashers


Episode Boyfriend
"We'll Get Through" - The Slugs
"Being Right" - Cush

"Dammit" - Blink-182

"Elegantly Wasted" - INXS

"Green Apples" - Chantal Kreviazuk

"Evaporated" - Ben Folds Five


Episode Road Trip
"Truly, Madly, Deeply" - Savage Garden
"Touch, Peel & Stand" - Days Of The New

"We Are The Supercool" - Space Monkeys

"Requiem For A Lightweight" - The Slugs

"Your Pleasure's Mine" - Super Deluxe

"Carry Me" - Boom Hank

"I'm Not Sleeping" - Nowhere Blossoms

"Nashville" - Judge Nothing

"The Step Inside" - Sounder

"Monkey Mind" - Judge Nothing

"Right Today" - Swerve

"Thinking Out Loud" - Ron Sexsmith


Episode Double Date
"Come Back" - Vaporhead
"She" - Louie Says

"What's Going On" - Leslie King/Shelby Craft

"I'm The Only One" - Melissa Etheridge

"Hangin' By A Thread" - Jann Arden

"She's The One" - World Party


Episode The Scare
"Nobody Cares" - Vaporhead
"Will U Drive Me?" - The Rosenbergs

"Do You Dream?" - Mary Thornton/Adam Castillo

"Temptation" - The Tea Party


Episode Beauty Contest
"Small Town Trap" - Eve 6
"The Girl With All The Goodbyes" - Susan Sandberg

"Pretty Face" - Chickenpox

"Fall From Grace" - Amanda Marshall

"Superman" - Goldfinger

"On My Own" - Katie Holmes

"Surrounded" - Chantal Kreviazuk


Episode Decisions
"What Do You Do?" - Dog's Eye View
"Angel" - Sarah McLachlan

"I'll Be" - Edwin McCain

"Broken Road" - Melodie Crittenden

"Say Goodnight" - Beth Nielsen Chapman




Season 2 Music

Episode The Kiss
"Say Goodnight" - Beth Nielsen Chapman
"Out Of My Head" - Fastball

"Birds Of A Feather" - Phish

"Swallow" - Nowhere Blossoms

"London Rain" - Heather Nova

"Have A Little Faith In Me" - John Hiatt


Episode Crossroads
"Good Intentions" - Aryana
"Sway" - Bic Runga

"Killers" - Feeding Like Butterflies

"Get 'Em Outta Here" - Sprung Monkey

"Always" - The Sterlings

"Kiss The Rain" - Billie Myers

"Luckiest Guy" - The MacAnanys

"Dear Mary" - Aryana

"Save Tonight" - Eagle-Eye Cherry


Episode Alternative Lifestyles
"Anything You Say" - Chickenpox
"Flagpole Sitta" - Harvey Danger

"Mary Be Merry" - Say-So

"Four Eyes" - Sozzi

"Swan Song" - Bruce Hornsby

"The Party's Over" - Catie Curtis

"WooHoo" - Newsboys


Episode Tamara's Return
"Harvest Moon" - Donna Lewis
"Breathe" - Colony

"Half As Good" - Zoe

"Northern Lad" - Tori Amos

"And On A Rainy Night" - Shawn Mullins

"Each Little Mystery" - Seven Mary Three


Episode Full Moon Rising
"Catch The Moon" - Marc Jordan
"Secret Smile" - Semisonic

"Hands" - Jewel


Episode The Dance
"Footloose" - Kenny Loggins
"Kiss Me" - Sixpence None The Richer

"Less Of Me" - Grammatrain

"Sell Out" - Reel Big Fish

"She's So High" - Tal Bachman

"Did You Ever Love Somebody?"

"Special" - Garbage

"Take Me Home" - Donna Lewis

"If You Sleep" - Tal Bachman

"Cinnamon Waits" - Nowhere Blossoms

"Man On A Mast" - Wine Field


Episode The All-Nighter
"Hold On To Me" - Cowboy Junkies
"Candy In The Sun" - Swirl 360

"Push Me Over" - Bob Mair

"You" - Switchfoot

"Losering" - Whiskeytown

"Who Needs Sleep?" - Barenaked Ladies

"Nobody But Me" - Save Ferris


Episode The Reluctant Hero
"Sitting With An Angel" - Dana Mase
"This Is Who I Am" - Shooter

"Hope" - R.E.M.

"Celebrity Skin" - Hole

"Got You (Where I Want You)" - The Flys

"Acoustic #3" - Goo Goo Dolls


Episode The Election
"Dead Yet" - Mud'l Head
"Underwater" – Switchfoot

"Sacred" - Kelly Brock

"Kingdom" - The Slugs

"Amnesia" – Chumbawamba

"Slingshots" – Morley

"Troubled Mind" - Catie Curtis

"You Look So Fine" – Garbage

"Heart And Shoulder" - Heather Nova


Episode High Risk Behavior
"Hey Now Now" - Swirl 360
"The World Is New" - Save Ferris

"Please" - Chris Isaak

"Anything But Down" - Sheryl Crow

"Driving You Crazy" - Tia Texada

"Lover Lay Down" - Dave Matthews Band


Episode Sex, She Wrote
"Human Beings" - Seal
"Life's A Bitch" – Shooter

"You Get What You Give" - New Radicals


Episode Uncharted Waters
"Heaved Away" - MacKeel
"Watch Your Step" - Matthew Ryan

"If I Had A Boat" - Lyle Lovett

"I'm Cool" - Reel Big Fish

"C'est La Vie" - B*Witched

"Slowly I Turned" - Black Toast

"Ode To Stevie" - Black Toast

"Suburbia" – Moxie

"My Door Is Always Open" – Binge

"Bottoms Up" - Black Toast

"Peace In The Water" - Robynn Ragland

"Best Of Me" - Far Too Jones

"This Pain" - Adam Cohen


Episode His Leading Lady
"Winter II: Largo (F Minor)"
"It's All Been Done" - Barenaked Ladies

"Sad Eyes" - Bruce Springsteen


Episode To Be Or Not To Be...
"Slide" - Goo Goo Dolls
"Know What You Mean" - Sister 7

"I Do" - Lisa Loeb

"Come Rain Or Come Shine" - Jenifer Kruskamp

"Walk Slow" - Chris Isaak

"In My Life" - Trina Hamlin

"Smoke" - Natalie Imbruglia

"Only Lonely" - Hootie And The Blowfish


Episode ...That Is The Question
"Tell Me" - Audra & Alayna
"Waterfall" - The Din Pedals

"Calling You" - Jenifer Kruskamp

"Queen Bee" - Jenifer Kruskamp

"Sunday Kind Of Love" - Jenifer Kruskamp

"Where Are You Tonight?" - The Devlins

"Reckless" - The Devlins

"Intimacy" - The Corrs

"Wait For The Way" - Beth Nielsen Chapman


Episode Be Careful What You Wish For
"Give Up Giving In" - Amanda Marshall
"Nothing To Do With Being In Love" - Kyf Brewer

"Freak Of The Week" - Marvelous 3

"Attic" - The Kickbacks

"Truth Of Our Time" – Chickenpox

"Maria" – Blondie

"Frozen Charlotte" - Natalie Merchant


Episode Psychic Friends
"Completely Pleased" - Semisonic
"Run-around" - Blues Traveler

"Angels In The Attic" - Debra Davis

"I Could Be The One" - Donna Lewis

"Life Is Sweet" - Natalie Merchant

"How" - Lisa Loeb


Episode The Perfect Wedding
"Flair" - Josh Rouse
"Reality Hurts" - Jenna Music

"Kiss Me" - Sixpence None The Richer

"Concerto #1 in G Major" - Johann Ludwig Krebs (Composer)

"All Mine" - Dance Hall Crashers

"Little Differences" - Save Ferris

"Shimmer" - Shawn Mullins

"Not The One" - Vanessa Handrick

"Once Again" - Michael Brandmeier

"You" - Shelby Starner

"You and Me" - The Spies

"Any Lucky Penny" - Nikki Hassman

"Feels Like Home" - Chantal Kreviazuk


Episode Rest In Peace
"Life's A Bitch" - Shooter
"So Young" - The Corrs

"Whatever Makes You Happy" - Paul Westerberg

"It's Over Now" – Neve

"Magic" - Ben Folds Five

"To Be Loved" - Curtis Stigers

"Lose Your Way" - Sophie B. Hawkins


Episode Reunited
"Mania" - Babel Fish
"This Is Where It Ends" - Barenaked Ladies

"Surrounded" – Binge

"Chasing You" - Seven Mary Three

"Reunited" - Dennis McCarthy (DC Composer)

"Ready For A Fall" - P.J. Olsson


Episode Ch..Ch..Ch..Changes
"Sell Your Soul" - Grammatrain
"Everything Changes" - Bridget Benenate

"Goin' Our Way" – Gus

"Cry Ophelia" - Adam Cohen

"Paper Cup" - Heather Nova

"London Rain" - Heather Nova

"Chrome" - Matthew Ryan


Episode Parental Discretion Advised
"Hit So Hard" - Hole
"Why I'm Here" – Oleander

"Letting Go" – Sozzi

"Moon Beneath My Feet" - Kim Stockwood

"That I Would Be Good" - Alanis Morissette



Season 3 Music


Episode Like A Virgin
"Old Time Rock & Roll" - Bob Seger
"Who's Who" - The Pretenders

"Sleep Together" – Garbage

"Dead Again" – Buckcherry

"Let Us Sing" - Tricky Woo

"Push It" – Garbage

"Hold On" - Mary Beth


Episode Homecoming
"Bodyrock" - Moby
"Days & Days" - The Nines

"On Wisconsin" - Capeside High Marching Band

"Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky)" - Capeside High Marching Band

"Time After Time" - Tuck & Patti


Episode None Of The Above
"Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)" - Nine Days
"Swaying" - Train

"Speak Of The Devil" - Chris Isaak

"You Won't See Me Cry" - Sue Medley

"From My Head To My Heart" - Evan and Jaron


Episode Home Movies
"Static" - Bleach
"Break The Chain" - Sue Medley

"I'm Sorry Now" – Jude

"Go To War" - Mad Lion

"Man With A Hex" - Atomic Fireballs

"I Do" - Jude


Episode Indian Summer
"Before You" - Chantal Kreviazuk
"Swim" – Madonna


Episode Secrets and Lies
"Shout" - Meredith Brooks
"Get Me Through December" - Natalie MacMaster

"Concerto #1 in G Major" - Johann Ludwig Krebs (Composer)

"It's Raining Men" - The Weather Girls

"Super Good Feeling" – Bleach

"Eve" - Chantal Kreviazuk


Episode Escape From Witch Island
"Puzzle Girl" - Kim Stockwood
"Gone" - The Tea Party

"If" - Dragmatic


Episode Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
"Beginner's Luck" - Ariel's Worm
"America" - Bree Sharp

"Better Than Anyone" - Mary Beth

"17 Again" – Eurythmics

"Getting Over You" - Janis Ian

"That I Would Be Good" - Alanis Morissette


Episode Four To Tango
"World You Want" - Violin Road
"Hateful" - Peter Searcy

"Dear Heart" - Henry Mancini (Composer)

"Me, Myself, and I" - Vitamin C

"Walking In The Rain" - Unknown Artist

"So In Love" - Unknown Artist

"Knock It On The Head" – Wood

"Stay You" - Wood


Episode First Encounters Of The Close Kind
"Kate" - Ben Folds Five
"Mrs. Potter's Lullaby" - Counting Crows

"Run Into You" - Last December

"Never Ending" – Wood


Episode Barefoot At Capefest
"No Chance" - Little Jinn
"The Frug" - Rilo Kiley

"Finally Found You" - Weekend Excursion

"85" - Rilo Kiley

"No Surrender" - Unknown Artist

"Better Off" - Pete Stewart

"Scared Of Me" - Channeling Owen

"DeCapo" - Declan Nine

"Angels In The Attic" - Debra Davis

"Imagine" - John Lennon


Episode A Weekend In The Country
"Starmaker" - Julie Plug
"Fear" - Bryan Kelley

"Getting By" - Weekend Excursion

"Will You Ever Know" - Kind Of Blue

"Ain't Too Proud To Beg" – Temptations

"Absence Of An Angel" - Pancho's Lament

"Promise Me This" - Pancho's Lament

"Both Sides Now" - Joni Mitchell


Episode Northern Lights
"Affirmation" - Savage Garden
"No Regrets" - Sue Medley

"Get On The Bus" - Pancho's Lament

"Even Now" - Trina Hamlin

"What Can Never Be" - Sinead Lohan


Episode The Valentine's Day Massacre
"Passion" - Patria
"Real World" - Universal Honey

"Charming The Gods" - Bryan Kelley

"Bad Girl" - DJ Rap

"Taste Test" – Beanbag

"What Can I Say" - Julie Plug

"Point #1" – Chevelle

"The Way Things Used To Be" - Debra Davis

"Never Be The Same" - Susan Aglukark


Episode Crime And Punishment
"Believe Again" - Susan Aglukark
"Devoted" - Julie Plug

"Flower Days" - Trina Hamlin

"One Turn Deserves Another" - Susan Aglukark


Episode To Green, With Love
"Better Off" - Pete Stewart
"Two Beds And A Coffee Machine" - Savage Garden

"Tracks Of My Tears" - Mary Beth

"That Lonesome Road" - James Taylor


Episode Cinderella Story
"Gone" - Sue Medley
"I Can't Try Hard Enough" - Dag Juhlin

"The Answer" - Brooke Ramel

"Dry Land" - Tara McLean

"I Know" - Kind Of Blue

"Settling" - Tara McLean


Episode Neverland
"In My Life" - Trina Hamlin
"Give Me A Reason" - Mission Delores

"Anything" - Brooke Ramel

"Even Now" - Trina Hamlin

"If You Leave" - Last December

"I'll Stay Right Here (Moments)" – Eli

"Chosen Family" - Leona Naess

"Go Be Young" - Edwin McCain


Episode Stolen Kisses
"Walking In My Sleep" - Better Days
"Wild Thing" – X

"One And Only" - Better Days

"Goodnight Moon" – Shivaree

"Louie, Louie" - Joey, Pacey, Will, Andie

"Ooh, Child" – Andie

"Wild Thing" – Pacey

"Daydream Believer" - Dawson and Joey

"Idiot Waltz" – Shivaree

"Daydream Believer" - Mary Beth


Episode The Longest Day
"Matter Of Time" - Jennifer Parsignault
"Thank You" – Dido

"Miss Fortune" - Eagle-Eye Cherry

"Mend" - Jann Arden

"In Your Keeping" - Jann Arden


Episode Show Me Love
"Fiction" - Nik Kershaw
"Sunday Morning" - Better Days

"Somewhere In New Mexico" - Jill Sobule

"Crush'em" – Megadeth

"Let That Be Enough" – Switchfoot

"Hazel" - Troy Young Campbell

"Music To My Ears" - Jenny Bruce


Episode The Anti-Prom
"In Every Corner" - Julie Plug
"This Misery" - Wild Colonials

"London Rain" - Heather Nova

"It's Not Unusual" - Wild Colonials

"Foresight" – Granian

"I Believe" - Kind Of Blue

"Once In A Life" - Twila Paris

"My Invitation" - Sarah Slean

"Little Things" - Chantal Kreviazuk


Episode True Love
"Jealous" - Sinead O'Connor
"Sleepless" - Jann Arden

"The Riverside" - Jessica Andrews

"Promise Me This" - Pancho's Lament

"Days Like These" - Janis Ian

"Walking In My Sleep" - Better Days

"I Will Be There For You" - Jessica Andrews



Season 4 Music


Episode Coming Home

"AM Radio" - Everclear
"Souvenirs" - Mary Beth

"This Years Love" - David Gray

"Theme From Jaws" - John Williams


Episode Failing Down
"How Could We Know" - Say-So

"Packing Blankets" – Eels

"Cavity" – Stew

"Homecoming" - Five Way Friday

"Alone" - The Lads

"Superman" - Five For Fighting


Episode Two Gentlemen Of Capeside
"I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" - The Jayhawks
"Never Saw Blue Like That" - Shawn Colvin


Episode Future Tense
"Sorry" - Moxie
"Something To Say" - Mike Plume Band

"Backstreets" – Filibuster

"Never The Same" - Supreme Beings Of Leisure

"Sugar Star" - Crushing Velvet

"Five Alive" – Medium

"Please, Please (Stacy's Song)" - Julie Plug

"You Won't Fall" - Lori Carson

"Respect" – Train

"Day Ditty" - Wild Colonials


"What You Don't Know" - Katie Reider


Episode A Family Way
"Everyone" - Five Way Friday
"Just Another" - Pete Yorn

"Feel The Movement" - Bright Blue Gorilla

"Crest Of Mary" - Verbow


Episode Great Xpectations
"Hey Pretty" - Poe
"So In Love" - Unknown Artist

"Far From Saved" – Granian

"Block Rockin' Beats" - Chemical Brothers

"Setting Sun" - Chemical Brothers

"Leave Home" - Chemical Brothers

"Protocol" – Symbiosis

"Fields Of Gold" - Eva Cassidy


Episode You Had Me At Goodbye
"Wonderful" - Everclear
"Two Wrongs And A Right" - The Normals

"Freedom From Shame" - Michele Cummings

"I Will Remember You" - Sarah McLachlan


Episode The Unusual Suspects
"Crazy For This Girl" - Evan and Jaron
"After All" - Dar Williams


Episode Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
"Sorry Charlie" - Hathaway
"Teenage Dirtbag" – Wheatus

"Piece of Soul" - Katie Reider

"Souvenirs" - Say-So

"Jingle Bells" - Mark Shane

"String Quartet In C Major "Emperor"" - Franz Joseph Haydn

"The Christmas Song" - Vikki Carr

"String Quartet No. 15" - Franz Joseph Haydn (Composer)

"The First Noel" - Adam Fields (Composer)

"O Holy Night" - Sue Medley

"Love Came Down At Christmas" - Shawn Colvin

"Christmastime" - Smashing Pumpkins<

"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" - Mary Beth


Episode Self Reliance
"Don't Need A Reason" - Beth Orton


Episode The Tao Of Dawson
"Broken Boy" - Michal
"If I Am" - Nine Days

"Understand" - The Lads

"Want Me" - Red Delicious

"Love Is The Movement" – Switchfoot

"Siren" - Red Delicious

"Nocturne" - Red Delicious

"I Think God Can Explain" - Splender


Episode The Te Of Pacey
"Night and Day" - Ella Fitzgerald
"Jello" – Arlibido

"Rock Out" - 6X

"Camelot" – Sweetsalt

"Loving You" - Tammy Raybould

"Lean On Me" - Beth Orton


Episode Hopeless
"What A Wonderful World" - Louis Armstrong
"Hopeless" - Dionne Farris

"Firecracker" - John Lardieri

"Give You The World" - The Flying Cordovas

"Waiting For A Sign" - Mary Beth


Episode Winter's Tale
"Impossible" - Brian Charles
"Hideaway" - Epstein's Mother

"Do It Again" – Splytz

"Sucker For The Count" - Revelation Darling

"Summer Of '69" - Bryan Adams

"Dumb Love" - Brian Charles

"Sugar Star" - Crushing Velvet

"How Does It Feel" – Radford

"Takes My Breath Away" - Tuck & Patti


Episode Four Stories
"Spectre Chase" - King Lear Jet
"In The Sun" - Joseph Arthur

"Color Blind" - Counting Crows

"The White Trash Period Of My Life" - Josh Rouse

"But Not For Me" - Elvis Costello

"Heart And Soul" - Unknown Artist

"They Can't Take That Away From Me" - Lisa Stansfield


Episode Mind Games
"Windows" - Amy Cook
"Laughter" - Josh Rouse

"In Metal" - Low


Episode Admissions
"Chemistry" - Semisonic
"Bye Bye" - Marcy Playground

"More Than This" - Anne McCue

"The Sound Of Fear" – Eels


Episode Eastern Standard Time
"Last Lament" - Susan James
"I Can't Wait To Meetchu" - Macy Gray

"Bring You Down" - Red Delicious

"You Belong To Me" – Hypnogaja

"Love In 2 Parts" - Erin McKeown

"The Preacher" - Frostbit Blue

"Sad Eyed Woman" - Tricky Woo

"The World Is Crazy" - John Campbelljohn

"Letters From The Wasteland" – Wallflowers

"Show Me" - Vanessa Daou

"Sweet Jane" - Cowboy Junkies


Episode Late
"Forever Young" - Joan Baez
"Family Circus" - Micah Green

"Why Walk When You Can Fly" - Karen Blake


Episode Promicide
"You're An Ocean" - Fastball
"I've Changed (Alternate Version)" - Josh Joplin Group

"Ruby's Gone" - Eva Trout

"Talk Show" - Dig Deeper

"Sundrop" – Ego

"Roses Around My Feet" - Tish Hinojosa

"When We Collide" - K.D. Lang

"Wonderful Thing" - Vagabond Lovers

"Aftershocks" - Mary Beth

"20one" - Sid Six

"Take My Hand" – Dido

"Whadify" - Everett Bradley


Episode Separation Anxiety
"Dead Yet" - Mud'l Head
"Show Me Heaven" - Jessica Andrews

"Write Me A Song" - Edwin McCain

"Windows" - Amy Cook

"One Small Year" - Shawn Colvin

"Around And Around" - Mark Kozelek

"Waiting For My Real Life To Begin" - Colin Hay


Episode The Graduate
"Pinch Me" - Barenaked Ladies
"If It's Hurting You" - Robbie Williams

"Dream Too Small" - Amy Dalley

"If" – Dragmatic

"Good Mother" - Jann Arden

"Fields Of Gold" - Eva Cassidy


Episode Coda
"Packing Blankets" - Eels
"Two By Two" - Unknown Artist

"Rock Me To Sleep" - Jill Sobule

"How You've Grown" - Natalie Merchant

"Daydream Believer" - Mary Beth



Season 5 Music

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