Cyrcle IX

Pete Wallace:     Vocals
Mike Hollis:      Guitars
Chris Hendriksen: Bass
Mark Klein:       Drums
Lars Larsen:      Keyboards

New Jersey's CYRCLE IX, taking their name from a passage in 'Dante's Inferno', was created by drummer Mark Klein and guitarist Mike Hollis during 1994. The band has pulled off many valuable support slots guesting for major acts such as DORO, THIN LIZZY, DOKKEN and SAVATAGE.

The act was originally entitled SPUR OF THE MOMENT. With the departure of a founding member guitarist Steve Chavicco came the recruitment of his replacement Vlad Khavin which evolved the band into EROTIC NIGHTMARE.

The band morphed yet again with the addition of MADD HATTER, FATAL ARRAY and THE PLAYZONE vocalist Pete Wallace, bassist Chris Hendriksen and keyboard player Nick Tomasino as yet another name change finally settled on CYRCLE IX.

Pete, Vlad and Nick would later depart after the start of recording the follow up to 1998's EP 'A New Dimension'.

In Mid. 1999 a singer named Jeff Anderson stepped in to the vocal slot. Jeff tried to bring a new "grungier" sound to the band. This version only lasted a few short months overall due to creative differences.

Then in late 1999 CYRCLE IX was joined by former ALCHEMY X vocalist Martin Morin. This revised line up donated two cover versions to tribute albums, namely SAVATAGE's 'Believe' and QUEENSRYCHE's 'I Don't Believe In Love' and an unreleased 5 song EP (in 2000). The group fractured again though when Morin relocated to Seattle.

CYRCLE IX eventually reunited with Pete Wallace in 2001 and recorded the song "Heavens on Fire" for a Kiss tribute CD.

The group with a heavy heart finally disbanded in Febuary, 2002 due to personal/creative issues within the band while recording their third CD "A Reunion of Souls".


1.  Cyrcle IX: A New Dimension (4 song EP), 1998 (Released worldwide: Jan. 1999)

2.  Cyrcle IX: Martin Moran Sessions:  (5 trax CD mixed/mastered/Unreleased, 2000)

3.  Cyrcle IX: Reunion of Souls : (5 trax CD drums/Rthm. guitar complete/Unreleased, 2002)

4.  Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles Magazine BloodTrax Cd #9 :  Song: "Tormenting You" (Cyrcle IX): Bravewords Music (Released worldwide in July, 1999)

5.  Powermad 1999: Festival Sound Sampler III (2CD):  CD#1: Song: "The Inevitable End" (Cyrcle IX) Siegen Records/Global Connections, (Released at worldwide, 1999)

6.  Warning: Minds of a Raging Empire A Tribute to Queensryche:  Cover of the song "I Don't Believe in Love" (Cyrcle IX), Seigen Records/Frontier Records, (Released worldwide, Dec. 2001).

7. Return of the Mountain King A Tribute to Savatage:  Cover of the song "Believe" (Cyrcle IX):  Dwell Music, (Released Worldwide, Sept. 2000)

8. Unmasked: A Tribute to Kiss (Non make-up years):  Cover of the song "Heavens on Fire" (Cyrcle IX):  Shark Bite Records, (Released Worldwide, Feb. 2001)
A New Dimension: Released woldwide in 1998 through Perris Records (USA) and Hellion Records (Germany)
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