The tastes of the era now make meatballs even more diverse

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Increasingly developing times, culinary meatball many variants. Starting from the taste, shape to the sauce that is made more contemporary.

Meatballs are Indonesian culinary delights that are loved by everyone. Moreover, the warm savory taste makes meatballs suitable to eat at any time. Actually the meatball itself comes from China, to be precise in the Fuzhou, Fujian region.

Meatballs have been around since the Ming Dynasty around the 17th century. At that time there was a man in China named Meng Bo making meat for his mother who was sick. The meat is rounded because it is inspired by the mochi cake.

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Really good!  In Jombang There are Fresh Savory Lobster MeatballsToday’s tastes make meatballs more diverse. Photo: Enggran Eko Budianto / detikcom

The food is called meatball which is taken from two words, namely ‘bak’ which means pork and ‘so’ which means broth. Then, they entered Indonesia because they were brought by immigrants from China.

Since then meatball adapted by Indonesians. Like pork which is then turned into beef. Given that most of the Indonesian people are Muslim.

A bowl of meatballs is completed with yellow noodles, vermicelli, mustard greens, bean sprouts, celery, green onions and drizzled with a savory broth. Increasingly varied, each region in Indonesia even has its own meatball concoctions.

5 Snack Places for Lava Meatballs and Spicy Chili Rawit MeatballsSelera Zaman Now Makes Meatballs More Diverse Photo: detikfood / Zomato

For example, Malang meatballs, Purbalingga meatballs, Wonogiri meatballs, Solo meatballs, Bandung meatballs and many more. Each blend has its own uniqueness, starting from the filling to the taste.

Following the development of meatball tastes also changes. Formerly known as round shaped meatballs with savory broth, now many are made with more contemporary variants.

For example meatballs beranak in the form of jumbo-sized meatballs filled with small meatballs. There are also tumpeng and rib meatballs which are also made jumbo in size.

Rib meatballsCurrent tastes make meatballs more and more diverse. Photo: doc. detikFood

In addition, the meatball filling is also made more diverse and unique. There are meatballs filled with cheese, mushrooms, vegetables, wagyu and filled with fruits such as durian, rambutan and tomatoes. No less creative, there are also those who mix various meatball broths with various flavors.

Now, in many meatball stalls, they offer meatballs with taichan sauce, rawon sauce, and tomyam sauce. Without eliminating the distinctive taste of meatballs, now the seafood meatball is viral.

Starting from lobster meatball, then inspired many other stalls to make seafood meatballs. Apart from lobster, there are also crab meatballs, squid meatballs, and shrimp meatballs.

5 Snack Places for Lava Meatballs and Spicy Chili Rawit MeatballsSelera Zaman Now Makes Meatballs More Diverse Photo: detikfood / Zomato

So, the seafood filling is wrapped around the meatball dough. Larger sizes of meatballs with seafood filling are often sought after by many people. Well, this time detikFood review will discuss everything about meatball present.

Starting from the uniqueness of the meatballs, the process of making meatballs, to recommendations for the most popular contemporary meatball places. In addition, we will also provide tips for making meatballs at home.

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