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Top 20 Tourist Places to Visit in North India 2021



Tourist Places in North India, North India is a diverse and tourism-rich landscape with mountains, plains, and flowing rivers. 
The diversity of flora and fauna found in this part of the world is unmatched and is associated with the cultural heritage and history of the country that has become a paradise for travelers. 
Think of India and visions of bright forts, palaces, and temples are likely to be set against the backdrop of bright colors and history. 

This is exactly what North India has to offer, and more! These top tourist places to visit in North India show the diverse beauty of the region.

The northern region of India is blessed with exciting vacation spots. The vibrant culture, interesting traditions, historical kaleidoscope structures, and a variety of delicious food are reasons not to miss the fascinating famous places to visit in North India.

It can be hard to resist the thrill in the thrilling snow-capped mountains that delight adventurers, and in the locations of the northern plains surrounded by scorching deserts, where lavish medieval fortresses will captivate you with their admirable appeal.

Traveling all over North India will give you a moving experience. There will not be a single moment when you feel out of place, there are many things to see and see in all the holiday destinations in North India. 

You can find the holiest river flowing through spectacular mountainous terrain in India's oldest city, the longest preserved Hindu temples in the Himalayan peaks, and marvel at some of UNESCO's most beloved attractions.