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/user/pikachu2.gifHokey Pokey Mon

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By nANCI mEEk  10/99(to the tune Hokey Pokey) Performed on KROQ Los Angeles by Russ Brown

Pokemon is in TalkingElmo's out
Pokemon is in and it's makin' parents pout
This cartoon is so hokey, pokemon's the anti-christ
I wanna poke my eyeballs out

Dad's goin' broke pulls his checkbook out
Dad's goin' broke as the money's runnin' out
Gotta buy more pokemon or Junior's gonna shout
   It's what commerce is all about

Pokemon is in Elmo is out
Pokemon is in I wanna pull my eyeballs out
The Southpark Parody it wasn't just a joke
   Daddy is goin' broke

Pokemon is in Take your checkbooks out
   Pokemon is in till the money all runs out
   Pokemon is costing mom an arm and then a leg
       Talking Elmo is out

When school is in Before school is out
The kids are packin' arms and takin' junior out
      They do the hokey pokemon and trade 'em all about
          Elmo is headin' out

Pokemon is in  Talking Elmo's out
  Store shelves are stocked but they'll soon be running out
  This time next year we'll wonder what the fuss
          was all about
      Thank God for VISA clout!


/user/GBpikachu4.gifWhat I would like to do to Pikachu

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