Nanci's Song Parodies


OJ the Tailback

by nanci meek 8/96
To the tune "Frosty The Snowman"

OJ the tailback knifed his way for yards galore
    He would cut and run till the job was done
      Slashing records by the score

OJ the actor soon gave up his jock for good
    There were bucks to grab
       so he took a stab
          Making flicks in Hollywood

Then Late one night on Bundy
     He went on a killing spree
      But Cochran played the race card and
        He wound up going free

    OJ the freeman proved he had the legal clout
      Marsha Clark was pissed when the jury dismissed
       knowing they had reasonable doubt

Drippity drop drop Drippity Drop Drop
      See that Bronco Go
       Thumpity Thump Thump Thumpity Thump Thump
         Did you hear that, Kato?

Browns and the Goldmans
   They had filed a civil suit
     OJ's got the kids but they'll see less red
       When they get all of OJ's loot

    OJ the golfer hits his balls just like a klutz  While his balls his slice
         And he smiles real nice
          But to me he's still a putz

If you've got the big bucks
      And you want to kill your wife
      Have a team of lawyers some loyal friends
          And a set of Ginsu knives

OJ the freeman proudly says he broke no laws  

If you think that's true Then I'll bet that you
                 Still believe in Santa Clause

          Slippity slop slop Slippity Slop Slop
            What does OJ know
              He's not tellin' 
               He's not a felon
                You'll have to rent his video

In memory of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown

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