Louie's Moll(c)

by nANCI mEEK 5/95 (to the Tune "Satin Doll" by D. Ellington)

Gun in her holster - She wears it to bed/Over her shoulders - She's eyein' the feds

She's packin' - She's Louie's Moll

Handlin' business while Louie's away - Collectin' the payoffs and keepin' her pay

A Hot Tot! She's Louie's Moll

Louis got five when Frankie and Vinnie turned Rat

Vinnie was found with two slugs to his head in a vat!

What a headache!

Playin' the numbers and keepin' her cut - Frankie was found with two slugs in his gut

A sure shot - That's Louie's Moll


Wearin' her diamonds and drivin' his Cad/The Boys are all sayin' Louie's been had What happened, to Louie's Moll?

Playin' the ponies and pickin' the steeds/Meetin' wit Louie/ Meetin' his needs

A long shot! That's Louie's Moll

She's nobody's fool and she's playin it cool as can be/The word on the street is the boys wanna meet her at 3 Money Laundry!

She's got your number and this you should know/Never cross Louie or you'll hafta go A sure shot! That's Louie's Moll/ Win-show-place! That's Louie's Moll Leave no trace! That's Louie's Moll

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Someone sent this to me. Very creative.................

In lane 1. Passionate Lady
In lane 2. Bare Belly
In lane 3. Silk Panties
In lane 4. Conscience
In lane 5. Jockey Shorts
In lane 6. Clean Sheets
In lane 7. Thighs
In lane 8. Big Dick
In lane 9. Heavy Bosom
In lane 10. Merry Cherry


Conscience is left behind at the gate.
Jockey Shorts and Silk Panties are off in a hurry
Heavy Bosom is being pressured.
Passionate Lady is caught between Thighs and
Big Dick is in a dangerous spot.


It's Bare Belly on top, Thighs open and
Big Dick is pressed in. Heavy Bosom is being pushed hard against Clean Sheets.
Passionate Lady and Thighs are working hard on Bare Belly.
Bare Belly is under terrific pressure from Big Dick.

Merry Cherry cracks under the strain. Big Dick is making a final drive.
Bare Belly is in and Passionate Lady is coming.

It's Big Dick giving everything he's got and
Passionate Lady takes everything Big Dick has to offer.
It looks like a dead heat but Big Dick comes
through with one final thrust and wins by a head...
Bare Belly shows... Thighs weakens... Heavy Bosom pulls up..
and Clean Sheets never had a chance.

My friend Crazy Carmine actually went on the intercom system at Santa Anita about 8 years ago and said all this stuff. Would you believe it? The whole place was in stitches. Even the ponies were laughing. Dr Boombatz, the vet was laughing so hard he forgot to give the horses those vitamin injections. Carmine was sorry he did what he did though. He lost about 20 grand betting on a horse he said was a sure thing. But I had fun and it was a crazy day.

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